Preventing greenhouse vegetables from freezing


The seedlings and weak seedlings grown in greenhouses are poor in cold protection and can be covered with a layer of sheds on the vegetable larvae. Double protection can effectively prevent freeze damage to the seedlings.

Cover grass curtains. Straw stalks are woven into the straw and covered at night (rolling up the straw in the daytime), which can slow down the heat in the shed, block the frost, and protect the shed film.

Irrigation before frost can increase soil and air temperature in the shed. Because the heat capacity of the water is relatively large, even if the temperature outside the shed is in cold winter, the seedlings of fruits and vegetables within the shed can grow normally.

If the area of ​​the greenhouse is small, hot water can be placed in the shed before the cold wave arrives, and the water vapor will be slowly distributed, so that the temperature inside the shed will rise and play an anti-freeze effect.

When the weather forecast is frosty, smoke can be expelled from the shed outside the night to increase the temperature around the shed and the temperature inside the shed can also increase.

Medical Ward Nursing System

Eter Ward Information System is an indispensable important part in hospital digitization construction, which not only provides the powerful communication among doctors, nurses and patients, but also creatively offers the new functions of voice reminding, information issuing, information collection, information process, and etc. This system has truly achieved a leap of nursing quality besides the greatly decreased of the work intensity of nursing staff.
Features of Ward Nursing System:
1. Act as management center that can be linked to PC with WNS software suitable for hospital, where internal communication is needed and is easy to be operated.
2. The Master Host can support 200 extensions (Included bed extension, door extension, bathroom extension); WNS software can record and check patient information.
3.Nurse Extension can broadcast for ward area.
4.Smart Handle have LED night light.
5.Bath Extension can receive the signals of nurse arriving and ward inspection.
6. Door Extension equipped with multicolour door lamp, can indicate different situation by different colour.

ETR ward nursing system is composed of the integrated host (including operating software), management host, bed extension, smart handle extension, nurse extension, door extension, mobile extension, extra bed extension, bathroom extension, connection extension, corridor display and various extended control devices.


Ward Nursing System

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