Pollution-free rice production


Non-polluted rice refers to the production site where the quality of the ecological environment meets the required standards. The production, processing, and packaging of pollution-free rice are used according to specific production and operation regulations, and certified by an authoritative organization. The quality of the use of pollution-free signs meets the national standard for high-quality rice. Rice.
First, choose the environment of origin: request away from cities, factories and other sources of pollution, ensure that irrigation water and soil conditions meet the national environmental standards for pollution-free food production, drainage and irrigation facilities.
Second, choose rice varieties: selected through national or local certification, and successful demonstration in the local, rice quality has reached the national high-quality rice standard of three or more high-yielding rice varieties resistant to insects, disease resistance, seed quality to achieve the national species standard.
3. Use of fertilizers and pesticides: Fertilizers and pesticides used in production must meet the requirements of the State for low toxicity, no residues and bio-accumulation, and the use of pesticides and fertilizers that have not been registered by the national and provincial agricultural authorities is prohibited. The use of fertilizers with excessive levels of heavy metals is prohibited.
Fourth, cultivation technology points:
1, timely sowing. In principle, the seeding period should be set at the heading ripening stage, and the mature period should be arranged as far as possible during the period when the temperature difference between day and night is large and favorable to the formation of high-quality rice.
2, rational close planting. Seeds for every 667 days of direct seeding: conventional species 3 to 4 kg, hybrids 1.5 to 2.5 kg. Transplanting fields early and late every 667. Planting density: conventional varieties are 2 to 25,000 points, hybrid rice 1.8 to 20 thousand. Acupoints; middle rice is every 667 to 1.5 to 18,000 points.
3, balanced fertilization, scientific management of water. Promote soil testing and formula fertilization, organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer combined, the general organic fertilizer accounted for more than 30% of the total amount of fertilizer. Water control seedlings, with water control disease, should avoid premature water cut off during ripening affect rice quality.
4, comprehensive control of pests and diseases. Based on the selection of resistance to pests and diseases, the agronomic measures such as crop rotation, planting of rice (duck, rice), and fitness cultivation were used to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases. To protect natural enemies, many physical measures such as black lights and frequency-vibration lights are used to trap and kill pests, use less pesticides, and do not use banned pesticides.
V. Post-harvest treatment requirements:
Relieve it in time to prevent fever and yellowishness. The use of stone mulches and rolling compaction of motor vehicles is prohibited. It is forbidden to thresh the sun on highways, asphalt pavements and ground where the dust is heavily polluted. The packaging and transportation tools must be clean and free of contamination, and must not be mixed, mixed, or mixed with toxic, corrosive, and odorous substances. Warehouse disinfection and fumigation must comply with national food safety regulations.

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