How to feed cows with silage

The shortage of green and green fodder in winter and spring, and the use of silage to feed cows is the best way to solve this problem. After 45 days of fermentation, silage that has entered the pit has become a soft, savory, nutritious, high quality silage. When feeding cows with silage, the follow---

Fish Pond Spring Fertilization Technology

The role of fertilization in fish ponds is mainly the reproduction of plankton, epiphytic algae, zoobenthos, and other natural foods. After fertilization, microorganisms multiply, organic debris increases, providing abundant food resources for fish species such as cockroaches and cockroaches; Orga---

Fishery Forage - Mott Grass

Mound Dwarf Grass is a forage grass introduced from the United States a few years ago. The grass is perennial, plant height is 0.8-1.4 meters, the festival is short and many, the quantity of leaves per plant is more, and the ability of reproduction is strong. It is more cold-tolerant. In winter, it---

Fungus storage

1 Insect pests that injure the pests of the fungus include termites, valley moths, and horned gorillas. These pests often overwinter in warehouse gaps and piled debris. Therefore, before storage of fungus, indoor debris and outdoor weeds should be removed, and 80% of dichlorvos EC should be used t---