Butterfly breeding and processing technology

Medicinal butterfly, also known as golden butterfly, larvae called fennel, not only can be made into various forms of exquisite handicrafts for people to watch the collection, but also a valuable medicine, the global trade volume of butterflies up to one billion US dollars. Each butterfly costs up---

How to fertilize different types of bamboo

China's bamboo forest area is about 1/3 of the world's bamboo forest, of which about 47% is bamboo. According to the business purpose, bamboo forest can be divided into bamboo, bamboo bamboo shoots, bamboo bamboo shoots, pulp bamboo and other types, and they have different requirements in f---

Gosling rearing focuses on "three levels"

In the rearing goslings, we should have a good “three levels”: 1. Well-opened food and freshly hatched goslings. Mix the broken rice and the chopped vegetables thoroughly. . After two days, the goslings generally can eat sixty-seven percent full, then feed once every two to three hours,---

How to Raise Reproduction Rate of Rex Rabbits

Improved mating methods using repeated mating or double mating can significantly increase female fertility rate and number of births. Repeated breeding refers to the interval of 4 hours to 6 hours after the first breeding, and mating with a rabbit. Double mating means that a female rabbit is mated ---