The technology of domestic jaundice

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for Huangqi has continuously increased. The farmers' artificial breeding technology of Huangqi has also been continuously improved, and the considerable economic benefits have been obtained. First, the construc---

Chinese cabbage radish sprouts and their control

Injury characteristics: In the leaves of the vegetables or leave the seedlings of the young shoots, leaves on the damage, resulting in shortening between the internodes, bending, young leaves down deformed curling, making the plants dwarf, affecting the heart or ball, resulting in reduced producti---

Dragon Beard (Photos)

The dragon's beak, also known as schisandra, is a perennial herb of the genus Apricotaceae and Japanese-Chinese flower. Plants grow flat, many branches, the base slightly lignified. The fleshy leaves are opposite, and the leaves are hypertrophic and juicy. They are triangular-shaped, with keel---

Dwarf ground chrysanthemum

The dwarf chrysanthemum plants are low in height, and the flower clusters are tight or spherical in flowering. Compared with the common ground chrysanthemum, the internodes are greatly shortened. Although the growth is strong, the dwarf traits are also exhibited due to the large number of branches.---