Yam breeding method

常用 There are 3 methods commonly used to produce yam: 1. “Yam sorghum plant” breeding According to the apical dominance, cut one end of the yam tuber close to the stem, 30cm long, weighs 100-150 g, with a bud at the top, called “yam planted” to reproduce, the seed---

Israeli Stingless Cactus

The use of conservation facilities in the Central Plains and the North to cultivate cactuses is still a new life. The vegetable cactus has the characteristics of tolerance to drought and drought, requires lower cultivation techniques than planting fruits and vegetables, and has a shelf life of up t---

Identifying counterfeit agricultural machinery

As the saying goes, “I am afraid that I do not know the goods, I am afraid that the goods are better than the goods.” When farmers buy their agricultural products, they should pay attention to the following ten points to ensure the quality of the purchased products. A look at whether t---

Pump no water causes analysis

Inlet and pump body air (1) The water pump is not filled with enough water before it starts. Sometimes it appears that the water has overflowed from the bleed hole, but the air is not completely turned off by turning the pump shaft, so that a little air remains in the inlet pipe or the pump body.---

How Boer goats are good

1. The construction of pollution-free ranch pastures should be built in areas where there are no sources of pollution and the environmental indices such as air, soil and water sources all meet the standards. The farm (household) should have a quiet environment, complete disinfection equipment, stri---

Tips for refueling

â–  The world of car â—† It is better to refuel in the morning or at night to avoid the sun at noon. Because gasoline is billed in volume rather than weight. Thermal expansion and contraction, refueling in the morning or evening, the same volume of gasoline can have more, a box of oil can---

Six points of summer mushrooms

First, the cultivation facilities: ordinary edible fungus greenhouses, after the completion of the spring production, clean up the health in a timely manner, check the repair shed film, spray the right amount of medicine to trace the disease without a trace to sterilize. Then, a shelf of about 25 c---