Water treatment ozone generator

Water treatment ozone generator is widely used in medical water, purified water, secondary water supply, tap water, food and beverage water sterilization. In the pharmaceutical and food industries, the combination of reverse osmosis devices can meet the requirements of---

Identification of male and female chicks

According to the reproductive process to identify this method is best carried out after hatching chicks 2 to 12 hours, at the latest not more than 24 hours, or shrinking reproductive processes, identification is more difficult. Method of operation: After the chicks are out of the shell, when the fl---

Reuse of bacteria

The bacillary dysentery reuse bacterium, also known as the residue, the waste, and the waste fungus tube, is a culture material for cultivating edible fungi. These waste materials all contain a large amount of mycelia, proteins and other nutrients, and are called “bacteriophage protein”---

Breeding Management of Bulls

Tethering and traction, after the prevention of violent personality, should give the young bull about 1 year old with a nose ring, nose ring tied to the upper head of the bull, so that the bull will not feel inconvenience when eating. Bulls should adhere to double-rope traction, that is, they shoul---

The benefits of microbial culture

The benefits of microbiological fertilizers to grow flowers The number of varieties of flowers that can be grown in the home is now increasing. There is no need to limit them to the natural environment, such as asparagus, Cyclamen, orchid, evergreen, Brazil wood, Monstera, Milan, Clivia, Camellia, ---

Farmers how to raise sheep

First, choose the fine varieties according to local conditions, carry out the hybrid improved sheep breeds large size, fast growth, high reproduction rate, strong adaptability, good meat quality, high efficiency, at present there are mainly Boer goats, Sha Neng goats, Huang Huai goats and so on. M---