Prevention and treatment of fruit rust spot

Fruit rust spot, also known as fruit rust, is a physiological disease of the fruit epidermis, which is the result of a physiological protective response that occurs when epidermal cells meet with adversity. In general, tree rusts with strong tree vigor, lush foliage, and vigorous growth occur lig---

Anti-white rot during ripening of grapes

White rot is one of the major diseases of grape, especially when the grape is about to mature, and it suffers from continuous heavy rain, which often causes great losses. Grape white rot usually begins in the middle and late July. It mainly affects ear and shoots, and the fruit is more susceptible---

Cultivation method of straw ridge in summer

The straw mushroom is the only high-temperature fast-growing species in edible fungi, and the cultivation materials are mainly rice and wheat straw. It is delicious and nutritious. Generally when the summer temperature is stable at 28-35°C, it is most suitable for straw mushroom growth. At this---

Cultivation Techniques of Kidney Bean 99

1, sowing time. Due to its wide adaptability, the variety can be sown at any time in the Huang-Huai-Hai area from Ching Ming-Da Shu. Generally, spring sowing is appropriate for Ching Ming-Gu Yu; summer sowing is better for summer solstice-summer summer; autumn sowing is better at the end of July-Ju---

Some repair tips for butterfly valves

Fault: leakage at both ends of the valve 1. The gaskets on both sides are invalid. 2. The pipe flange pressing force is uneven or not pressed. Elimination method: 1. Replace the gasket. 2. Press the flange bolts (even force). Fault: sealing surface leakage 1. The bu---

Pairing pigeons...........

The breeder pairing is a very deep knowledge of racing pigeons. It does not have any law, and the only thing that should be done is to take care of the breeding pigeons in every possible way. Then, when pairing breeders, what are the main concerns? First, the matters needing attention 1. Before ---