Cucumber room with oyster mushroom technology

There are great differences in the ecological rules between cucumber and oyster mushroom. The former absorbs carbon dioxide in photosynthesis and releases oxygen. Pleurotus ostreatus absorbs oxygen to release carbon dioxide. Therefore, both of them form mutual benefits in the coexistence and coexi---

Yang Shulin mustard vegetable technology

In the fall and winter season, planting mustard in the Yanglin deciduous period scientifically utilizes land and sunlight resources to increase the survival rate of mustard and obtain good economic benefits. Inside and outside the forest (including elevations above 30 points), poplar forests can r---

Cultivation techniques of American grain pods

First, the sowing period The seeding period is controlled when the average soil temperature is higher than 16°C (or daily average temperature is >10°C). The planting period in Beijing is April 20-May; Henan is from mid-April to late; Northeast is from late May to early June; and Inner Mo---

The classification of candy and functional candy

Candy Category: Candy can be divided into hard candy, hard candy, cream candy, gel candy, polished candy, gum base candy, inflatable candy and tablet candy. Among them, hard candy is a type of hard and crisp candy with white granulated sugar and starch syrup as the main ingredient; hard fi---