Autumn Ishigaki orchid resistant

Autumn Dendrobium beautifully resistant, there are large flowers and floret varieties. Large flower-shaped Shaw Phalaenopsis. Its flowering habits are slightly different from those of deciduous species of spring sarcophagus. If you want to spend more and more gorgeous, you should pay attention to ---

There are new tricks

1 The combination of feed and starvation begins with the growth of limbs from the cockroach and the stocking of the cockroaches in the pool water as bait. By observing and seeing, after 12 hours of day and night every day and night, the dragonfly landed in the area of ​​activity and o---

Macrobrachium prawn breeding

First, the choice and transport of broodstock Broilers usually come from shrimp farming ponds, and are collected and cultivated in mid-to-late October. Several broodstocks should be watched as long as the standards are as follows: First, the individuals should be large and the specifications rela---

Huang Yi Chi raising operation technology

I. Living habits and characteristics of Huang Xi Astragalus prefers to burrow in muddy bottoms or in the pores of embankments. It grows in ponds, ditches, rice fields, and organic bottom silt. The suitable temperature is 15°C to 30°C. When the water temperature drops below 10°C, it gradu---

Autumn fish farming "four notes"

The autumn season is a good season for fish to grow fat. It is very important for farmers to do a good job of feeding and management during this period. A long-term experiment by fishery science and technology workers has shown that doing a good job in this period of time can increase production by---