Carbon dioxide casting method

Organic matter fermentation man, animal manure, crop straw, weed stems and leaves produce CO2 gas during fermentation, which is easy and low-cost, but CO2 emission is not easy to adjust and control, it is difficult to meet the required concentration requirements. The CO2 gas, a by-product produce---

Feeding of pre-weaning dairy cows

First, start feeding solid foods Fresh calves and small dairy cows that use liquid food as their main feed are different from ruminants because they only have one stomach that functions as the stomach. When the calf eats milk or milk substitutes, the esophageal sulcus is closed so that the milk b---

Is a long-term pesticide available?

1. Powder powder in the storage process if the absorption of moisture caking, you need to be placed in a cool well-ventilated place to dry not sun, crushed before use, if the agglomeration is more serious, can only be used for poisonous soil. 2. Wettable powder Take 1 part of wettable powder, add---