Vegetable citron shrubs

This type of tree is suitable for plexiform planting, with a cluster distance of 1m, 3 1 bushes, and a 0.25m bush spacing. In the second year, the terminal buds were continuously picked 2-3 times, and the plant height was controlled and multiple lateral branches were formed. The girdling was perfo---

Prudent use of pesticides in winter greenhouses

“Because the ecological environment is rather special in greenhouses, it is suitable for all kinds of pests and diseases throughout the year. To effectively control pests and diseases, it is necessary to use pesticides scientifically and correctly.” On December 18, Li Mingkai, an agron---

Rice cultivation management 14 steps

1, the entire board (in mid-April) Focus: Fertilizer field, promote seedlings. Management plan: Cadillar Organic Fertilizers 2 bags plus basal fertilisers after application. 2. Before sowing (late April to early May) Key points: Prevent bakanae disease, planthoppers, and prevent stripe blight. ---

Grapes must be re-managed after harvest

Before the grapes are harvested into the fallen leaves, it is a key management period that is easily overlooked by people. At this stage, the second peak of photosynthesis occurred in the leaves (the first time in the second half after germination to the period of leaf growth), and it declined rapi---

How to prevent vegetable seedling damping-off

(1) Choose the nursery where the terrain is high and cool, easy to ventilate and ventilate, in order to control the humidity of the seedbed. (2) Soil disinfection: Carbendazim can prevent and treat a variety of fungal diseases, and has a good prevention and control effect against Ascomycetes and ---