What kinds of humic acid fertilizers

With humic acid-rich peat, lignite, weathered coal as raw materials, through amination, nitrification and other chemical treatment, or add nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements made of a class of fertilizers, known as humic acid fertilizers. It has many functions such as improving the ---

How to prevent Dahlia virus disease

Dahlia virus disease is also known as Dahlia mosaic disease. In China, Guangdong, Kunming, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and other provinces and cities have occurred, severe plant growth and atrophy, generally scattered. Symptoms Dahlia leaves produce yellow veins and veins in the veins or l---

Spring corn fertilization

Based on the application of basal fertilizer, spring maize should be used as a method of fertilization with light weight, medium weight, and subsequent fill. Before the light, refers to the before and after the jointing of corn, fertilization, jointing fertilizer is also called attacking stalks, ---

Green and healthy green guards

Health and Environmental Protection Green Guards Health, environmental protection and evergreen are people's concerns about the greenery of football fields. The growth rate and economic output are not important. Therefore, it is best to use microbial fertilizers and organic fertilizers in order---