Golden treasure matrix starter

Jinbao Matrix Fermentation Agent The Kinpo Matrix Fermentation Additive is specially developed for the needs of substrate nutrient soil fermentation and has unique functions in fermented bark, sawdust, bagasse and other similar materials. The product can greatly shorten the fermentation time, redu---

Gold Baby Fermented Bed (real benefits)

Gold Baby Fermented Bed (real benefits) Fermentation bed, a non-pollution, zero-emission organic agriculture technology, has the advantages of saving time and labor, real people can feel, and the benefits are many. What are the benefits of using Jinbao fermentation bed as an example? Smell: Prev---

Prevention and control of farmland pests

Rodents are an important part of agricultural pests. The pests have strong fertility. As long as the conditions are appropriate, the population of the pests can rise rapidly in the short term. Therefore, strengthening pest control in the spring is necessary. There are four types of anti-conspirac---