Grass Prawn Health High-yield Breeding Technical Guide


Shrimp farming is not difficult. Shrimp disease is not terrible! The key to success is to believe in science!

Grass Prawn Health High-yield Breeding Technical Guide

In recent years, the annual output of grass shrimp in the Panyu Wandisha area is mostly 60-120 pounds per mu, and the reason is that it cannot pass the disease.

First, water transfer, water retention

1, the transparency of the pond water is greater than 35 cm

Water lean - Shrimp survival rate is low and growth is slow. The use of fermented bacteria, shrimp and crab fat 3-10 kg / acre, sunny morning 8-10 points Quantang spill, the next day to see the effect. Enzyme bacteria can absorb ammonia, nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic substances to synthesize proteins and form high-quality natural foods, which can be described as “mutually toxic”. The extensive use of Dayang's regular diet can save 10%-20% of feed.

2, the transparency of pond water 25-35 cm

The water body is thin and moderate, and it is the most suitable water body for breeding. The key to this is water conservation and long-term stable water color. Water conservation measures: Transparency 30-35 cm, fermented shrimp, crab, and fat 3 kg/mu. Transparency 25-30 cm, effective live water fungus 1.5 kg/mu.

3, pond water transparency 15-25 cm

Without the oxygen-enriched equipment, when the transparency is lower than 25cm, 2.5ml/mu of active water bacteria should be promptly splashed to prevent overgrowth of algae and oxygen deficiency.

4. The visibility of the pond water is very low and the surface layer has floating objects

Generally, the ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus in water is imbalanced, which results in the proliferation of red tide organisms. Most red tide organisms will produce toxins, and should promptly sprinkle detoxification and anti-stress drugs (such as Sanbao Gaowen C, Hengxing Jiedu Dan, and detoxification yuan, etc.), and then detect the ratio of nitrogen to phosphorous in water to prescribe the right medicine.

Second, comprehensive disease prevention and treatment

1, preventive measures. 1Regularly use confluent bacteria, shrimp and crab (fertilizer, water, 3-8kg/mu) or active bioactive bacteria (higher transparency, 8 mu/barrel) to adjust water quality. The usage and dosage are selected according to the transparency of the pond water. Use once in 10-15 days. From September to July, high incidence of shrimp disease occurred. Before the rain or the rain, the entire pond promptly spilled Sambo high-stable C250 g/mu, and after 6 hours, the entire pool sprinkled amino acid iodine 10 mu/bottle. Also pay attention to the prevention of hypoxia, spare sodium percarbonate or hydrogen peroxide. 3 Timely fertilization after rain (using 3 kg/mu of special fat for shrimps and crabs), to prevent water color mutations, leading to deterioration of water quality. 4 Pay close attention to changes in the water body and the health of the shrimp. Mutations in the water, redness of the shrimp body, broken whiskers, and weakened vitality are precursors to the outbreak of shrimp disease. Sanbao High Stability C500 g/mu should be spilled in a timely manner. After 6 hours, 8 tons of amino acid iodine should be spilled in the whole pond.

2. Emergency measures for the outbreak of shrimp disease.

How to judge the timing of treatment? Observe the tentacles and the tail fan of the shrimp. The tentacles turn red or broken. The tail fan shows red spots and reaches the heel. The hepatopancreas is slightly enlarged, and some shrimps die. As long as you are willing to eat, even if there is a small amount of white spots, red body symptoms can be treated. The measures are as follows: 1 Quantang spilled Sambo high stability C500 g/mu. After 26 hours, the whole pond splattered Sambo organic iodine 8 acres/bottle. 3 Proper use of chemical oxygenation agents such as gold oxide particles, refined oxygen particles, etc. 4 As the case may be, on the third day, Splendid will increase the efficiency of glucose 500 g/mu and Sambo organic iodine 8 mu/bottle. (Southern Rural News)

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