About the processing technology of hard-shelled eggs


The main raw materials are black tea, edible salt, edible alkali, quicklime, plant ash, rice husk, fresh duck eggs and so on.
Equipment utensils iron pan, shovel, cylinder and so on.
Production methods Weigh 1.5 kg of food soda, 6 kg of quick lime, 1.5 kg of black tea, 1.5 kg of salt, 15 kg of plant ash, and 20 kg of water. Use a large iron pot to hold 20 kilograms of water and add 1.5 kilograms of the end of the tea. After boiling, remove 20% of the tea juice from the pot. Take 4.8 kilograms of quick lime and slowly pour it into the pan until it is boiled. Put a little salt, lime and After the tea juice reacts, pour all the salt and 1.5 kilograms of alkali into the pot, and slowly pour the remaining 1.2 kilograms of lime into the pan, stir it evenly with a shovel, and remove the lime residue, using 1/2 Prepare ash of spare tea juice, pour the rinse water into the pot, take half of the ash into the pot, wait 3-5 minutes, pour the remaining half of the ash and spare tea juice into the pan, stir the clay with a shovel to After the hard block, 10 minutes later, the mud was removed with a shovel, and the mat was allowed to cool. The solidified mud was broken the next day and was loaded into a cylinder to prepare the eggs. The amount of sludge for each egg is 16 grams in spring and 23 grams in autumn. When the package is uniform, leave no gaps. Then put a layer of rice husk on the mud and put it in a cylinder and store it. Do not move the cylinder before the egg is out of the tank. The temperature outside the storage room is 15-26°C. The processing time is 60-70 days in spring and 70-80 days in autumn.
Process scales → batching → eggs → storage → discharge.

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