Misunderstanding and Prevention of Cucumber Greenhouse Production


First, re-apply chemical fertilizers, despise organic fertilizer Some people think that the more fertilizer the higher the production, so blindly compare the amount of fertilizer, light application of organic fertilizer, resulting in soil compaction, severe salinization of the ground, the surface of the formation of green moss, severe red moss formation, The root system was blocked in the high concentration of soil solution, the leaves were aging, the vegetative growth was poor, and the yield was decreased. Such greenhouses should be supplemented with organic fertilizers, with or without chemical fertilizers to reduce fertilizer damage.

Second, the large number of diammonium during the melon period does not meet the growth pattern of cucumber. The approximate ratio of fertilizer required for cucumbers to produce melons is N:P:K=5:2:6. Phosphorus is the dominant form of diammonium. Too much phosphorus will inhibit the absorption of Cu, Fe and other trace elements. Therefore, diammonium should be avoided during the pod-filling stage. The phosphorus fertilizer must be applied at the end of the planting period. Before flowering, nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers should be used as the main fertilizer. The results should be dominated by nitrogen and potassium fertilizers.

Third, in order to reduce the temperature, over-shading with grasshoppers in the initial stage of planting, light intensity, in order to reduce the temperature, moderate shade is acceptable, but if over-shading or winter shading, will cause lack of light, affect flower bud differentiation, reduce production. The temperature should be lowered by venting.

Fourth, a variety of pesticides mixed, high concentration of liquid medicine is a large number of chemical reactions between agents and reduce the drug. The second is that many drugs are compound drugs and they have been mixed. Third, the increase in the concentration of leaves is often immersed in high concentrations of liquid medicine, so that the function of the leaves decline, aging accelerated and reduce photosynthesis.

Fifth, disease-free and non-fighting drugs, disease prevention and treatment of disease prevention should be based on prevention, treatment supplemented by advance drug prevention, not only low cost, but also effective.

Sixth, mistakenly known as "dung-headed" black spot disease in recent years, in November and around a lot of cucumber sheds appear "bad leader" phenomenon, people think that it is black spot disease. In fact, this is due to changes in the external climate conditions, so that the physiological activities of cucumber plants are affected, the absorption of calcium and other trace elements are limited by the "physiological diseases." The leaves should be supplemented with trace elements in time.

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