Fungus storage


1 Insect pests that injure the pests of the fungus include termites, valley moths, and horned gorillas. These pests often overwinter in warehouse gaps and piled debris. Therefore, before storage of fungus, indoor debris and outdoor weeds should be removed, and 80% of dichlorvos EC should be used to disinfect the empty warehouse. The dosage is 0.2-0.3 g/m 2 , and the gauze strips are immersed in the liquid and hung inside the room. Days later, ventilate again for 1 day, you can put the fungus into the warehouse. Finally, sprinkle lime powder around the warehouse to prevent outdoor pests from entering the house.

2 To prevent damp fungus from getting wet, it can easily cause pests. Therefore, before entering the warehouse, it must be dried so that the water content of the fungus does not exceed 12%, and then it is put into plastic bags or aluminum cans. After sealing, it is placed in a wooden box or carton lined with moisture-proof paper. A desiccant (dry wood chips, quicklime, etc.) can be placed in the box. Every 10 to 15 days inspection 1, if the desiccant has absorbed moisture, it should be taken out after drying or drying, and then placed in the box, if the fungus resurgence, should be promptly removed from the dry system.

3 Timely Insecticides If pests are found during the storage of the fungus, measures should be taken to kill them in time. 1 The fungus is exposed to strong light for 1 day or dried in a drying machine at 50°C for 40 minutes to kill the pests; 2 The sealed warehouse can kill all pests for more than 20 days; 3 The oxygen in the warehouse is extracted and input Nitrogen, or the input of carbon dioxide into the room, will reduce the oxygen content in the room to 2%, and the insects will die of suffocation due to lack of oxygen.

4 closed fumigation in the fungus in the storage period when a large number of pests occur, the fumigation agent should be used to seal the fumigation of the warehouse, this method is effective in the short term. The commonly used fumigant is aluminum phosphide with an amount of 6-9 g/m 3 , which is dispersed and stored in the warehouse. It is sealed for more than 96 hours at 12° C. After the fumigation is completed, it is ventilated for more than 10 days.

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