Fruit tree spring "medicine" skills


Before and after flowering of fruit trees in spring, it is an opportune time to prevent or treat diseases and pests of fruit trees. Since various germs and pests in this season have become active after being dormant, their resistance to drugs is poor, and leaves have no germination, no shelter, convenient pesticide application, and fruit trees are not There will be phytotoxicity, and the “Medicated Bath” should be promptly controlled.

First, prevention and treatment before flowering (a) timely spraying a 5 Baume degrees of lime sulfur agent, can control fruit rot, inhibit the winter breeding of red spiders, to control leaf insects, scale insects have a significant effect. It can also spray 40% of the 100 times Fresnel arsenic. (b) Prevention after germination. Orchard spraying a 45% crystalline sulphur-sulfur mixture 150 to 200 times, or spraying 3 Baume degrees of lime sulfur plus 50% of 1605 Emulsion 1000 times, can kill more than 90% of spider mites and in the bud Overwintering powdery spores such as powdery mildew and defoliation can also control chafers and aphids. (c) Prevention and control before flowering after germination. Spray 50% of 1605 Emulsion 1500 times or 80% of dichlorvos 1200 to 1500 times, or enemy killed and Juju vinegar pesticides 2500 to 3000 times, have obvious control effect on pests and rot.

Second, after flowering prevention (A) after the flower can continue to spray 0.3-0.5 Baume degree of lime sulfur agent, prevention and treatment of leaf, fruit disease and red spider. Kung Fu can also be sprayed 2500 ~ 3000 times liquid, both control of red spiders can also kill leaf insects, pest eggs. (B) 10 to 15 days after flowering can be sprayed 1:4:20 Bordeaux mixture (1 kg of copper sulfate, 4 kg of quick lime, 20 kg of water), or spray 40% of carbendazim, 600-800 times tetrobacter special The liquid can prevent defoliation, anthrax and brown spot which are prone to occur at high temperature in rainy weather. (3) Use of thiamine phosphorus and dichlorvos is strictly prohibited 1 month after flowering.

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