How to increase the survival rate of transplanting crops


How to Increase the Transplanting Survival Rate of Crops Transplanting crops is a common cultivation method in agricultural production. The survival rate of transplanting is directly related to the efficiency of the growers. How to increase the survival rate of transplanting crops? The key is to cultivate a robust root system.
Rooting agents are used to promote the development of a well-developed root system. The use of functional micro-organisms and related products to improve the micro-ecological environment of seedling roots can promote early germination of seeds, increase soil temperature, and promote weak seedlings into strong seedlings. Better rooting and strengthening agents can simultaneously achieve the dual effects of “prevention” and “treatment”, such as the rooting of Jinbao. Use as follows:
1. Seedlings: seedbeds or nursery seedlings can be used. Take 50ml of this product and dilute 10-20 times. Mix it evenly in 50kg nutritious soil or 4-5m2 seedbed. It can promote rapid germination, consistent emergence, and no weak seedlings.
2, seedling stage: in the seedling stage (2 leaves after 1 heart) use, per square meter seedbed with 30-fold dilution of this product 5-10 kg watering or spraying. Can significantly promote the main root elongation, bold, more lateral root. Enhances root vigor and absorption intensity, solves rot and forms strong seedlings.
In this way, when the crop is transplanted, it has a robust root system, which naturally improves the survival effect and lays a solid foundation for high-yield cultivation.

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