Disassembled transporter throttle energy saving method


The correct use of transport throttles can not only reduce carbon deposition, reduce the wear and tear of transport parts, and prolong the service life of the machine, but also is one of the important measures to reduce fuel consumption.
1. Don't abruptly change the throttle during transportation. Slowly increase or decrease the throttle as required by the workload.
2. During the transportation operation, the throttle and gear position must be properly controlled according to different conditions such as the road, load, and locomotive technical status. When working at full load, the road surface is flat and the field of vision is good. When the traffic flow is not large, a high-grade throttle is used. The load is light, the road surface is uneven, and the high-speed small throttle is used when the traffic flow is not large; the locomotive is ramped up at full load. Midway shifting; when the locomotive is ramped down with full load, low-speed and small throttle are used. However, the downhill gradient should not be allowed to turn on and off, nor is it allowed to coast. According to the situation, the brakes can be used intermittently, and attention must not be given to “brake dead”.
3, parking time and space operation time should not be long, limited to 15 minutes.
4, when the locomotive starts, no load, with a small throttle as well, there is load, with the throttle as well.
5. When the locomotive is on its way to the destination, reduce the throttle or the throttle slightly and use the locomotive to coast. Do not use a throttle instead of a horn.

Intestinal localization was administered to reduce adverse effects.

Targeted site-specific release:

Two hours in gastric juice will not disintegrate or crack, dissolve within thirty minutes of disintegrating juice, providing a perfect solution for protein and peptide drugs and probiotics.

Enteric coated gelatin hollow capsule is made of gelatin and enteric coating material in gastric juice it will not collapse, but will release in the intestines as a collapse of a target product . It is often used for special packaging of drugs and health cae products which are irritating to the stomach or unstable under acid, or dissolved and effected in the intestine.

Intestinal location administration can improve the efficacy of drugs, reduce the dose and the adverse reaction, brings the convenience to patients. Moreover , it can avoid the degradation of gral protein, polypeptide or health care products and provide the best absorption sites for them.

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