How to feed cows with silage


The shortage of green and green fodder in winter and spring, and the use of silage to feed cows is the best way to solve this problem. After 45 days of fermentation, silage that has entered the pit has become a soft, savory, nutritious, high quality silage. When feeding cows with silage, the following three issues should be noted:

Silage quality identification

Color: The quality of silage is blue-green or yellow-green. If the color of the silage is found to be black or brown, the silage has become deteriorating and moldy, and all the silage that needs to be degraded will be taken out and then fed to the cows. Odor: High-quality silage smells sweet and sour, with a strong scent or pear flavor. If the smell is sour, it indicates that mildew has occurred in the silage and appropriate remedial measures must be taken to feed the cow. Feel: The quality silage is soft and moist in the hands. If it is sticky or dry and hard in the hands, the silage has become mildewed and must be treated before feeding the cows.

Feeding method

Silages are fed to cows, and they are fed less, gradually increased, and fed with other roughages such as soy bean, yew and cereal grass. When the silage is fed, the pH value in the rumen of the cow is reduced, and acidosis is easily caused. 3% baking soda can be added to the concentrate to promote gastric peristalsis, neutralize acidic substances in the rumen, increase feed intake, and thus increase the feed intake. Milk production. Each time the feeding silage should be evenly mixed with hay, feed the cows again to avoid cows picky eaters.

Feeding quantity

Cows with a body weight of 500 kilograms and a daily milk output of 20 kilograms or more can feed silage 20 kilograms and hay 5 kilograms a day. Dairy cows that produce more than 30 kilograms of milk each day can feed 30 kilograms of silage and about 8 kilograms of hay. Cows with a body weight of 400 kilograms and a daily milk production of 15 kilograms can feed 15 kilograms of silage and 5 kilograms of hay. Dairy cows with a daily milk output of 15 kg or less can feed 15 kg of silage and 10 kg of hay. Cows should stop feeding silage 15 days before and 15 days after delivery. Dry-milk cows are fed 10 kg of silage each day and are given an appropriate amount of hay. The amount of silage fed to the breeding cattle should be less, preferably less than 8 kg. For young animals, they should be fed little or no.


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