The superiority of pesticide suspension


The development of pesticide water-based dosage forms and water-dispersible granules has shown greater and greater potential and broad prospects, especially for pesticide suspensions, and its development has rapidly risen. Pesticide suspensions mostly use water as a dispersion medium, and insoluble or slightly water-soluble solid drugs are ground and pulverized. With the help of surfactants and other auxiliary agents, they are uniformly dispersed to form a fine, highly suspended, flowable particle. Relatively stable liquid-solid system. Compared with emulsifiable concentrates, it has the advantage of avoiding the use of large amounts of organic solvents. Compared with wettable powders, it has no dust scattering during processing and use, and has low toxicity and irritation to humans and animals, and can reduce the harm to crops. It will not be burned in the course of storage and transportation, and the safety is high; the risk to users and the whole environment is very low. Moreover, its excellent performance, good dispersion, high suspension rate, the ability to spread and adhere to the surface of the plant is strong, and is resistant to rain erosion; under the moist conditions, it can be slowly and effectively carried out secondary distribution, efficacy More significant and more durable. Suspension agents have become more popular as pesticides in pharmaceuticals, safety, and economy than synthetic formulations such as wettable powders, powders, and emulsifiable concentrates.

Laser Knee Massager combine Red light and laser light to reduce the knee pain, And it also has heat and massage function.

Laser Knee Massager Product Features:
1. large LCD display, the device working details can be see clearly.
2. 808 nm laser irradiation, quickly relieve knee pain.
3. Carbon fiber infrared heating, deep to repair damaged tissues.
4. Humanized design, 90 degree exterior shape, no need extra handheld during the treatment.
5. 16 pcs led light, accelerate the blood circulation, and repair the damaged tissue and cells.

Laser Knee Massager

Function 1

• laser light

[Mechanism] through the wavelength of 808nm, single laser output of the maximum power of 5mW laser irradiation of the nasal cavity or acupuncture points to the blood into a large number of photons, photons absorbed by blood cells and converted into internal energy, activation of blood cells, improve its ability to deform Oxygen-carrying capacity, improve blood flow and viscosity, improve blood rheology parameters, play to eliminate inflammation, reduce blood viscosity and lipid levels.


• LED red light rejuvenation

The red light with wavelength of 625nm has the characteristics of high purity, strong light source and uniform energy density, and is effective in skin care and Health Care treatment. Red light can improve cell activity, promote cell metabolism, so that a large number of collagen secretion of collagen and fibrous tissue filling itself. Red light for a variety of skin, can promote blood circulation, so that collagen regeneration, so that the skin is more smooth, improve the skin c dry, hair loss, hair follicle damage alopecia are improved.

Laser Knee Massage

Function 2

 â€¢ Carbon fiber is far infrared

 â€¢ The sun is the source of life, in all the sun rays, far infrared rays can penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue, promote blood circulation, quickly absorbed by the living body, known as the "light of life"; carbon fiber heating wire power, , The carbon crystal molecules to do "Brownian movement", carbon molecules friction and collision between each other, resulting in a large number of wavelengths in the 6 ~ 14um of the far red line.

Laser Knee Massager

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