Potato Seed Luyi No.1 Cultivation Technique


First, cut germination.
20 days before sowing, germination started around the beginning of March. When potatoes are cut, they have at least one eye in each piece. 10-15 blocks / kg is appropriate. After cutting, use a small gray dry mix or carbendazim powder immersed in 1:200 dilution to disinfect. To germinate seedlings after the seeds have dried, there are two methods: one is to use sand to germinate at a room temperature above 15 degrees, and one layer of sand and one kind of seed.
The second is digging pits in the east-facing direction of the ventilation in the east and west direction. The pit is about 25 cm deep, with a layer of sand and a layer of seed, and 3 layers are suitable. Then the film is covered with arches and covered with straw curtains at night. The above two methods should be sprayed 1-2 times during germination to prevent it from drying out. When the shoots grow to 0.5-1. 0 cm in length, sowing begins.
Second, the site preparation ditch.
Look at the land before the next kind of sensation, if the situation is not good, you can consider irrational arrogance, arrogant period should be in the next species 7-10 days before. Potato planting is generally planted in double ditch. When the ditch is opened, it can be used in large and small rows, 50 cm in large rows and 40 cm in small rows.
Third, seed cover film.
The spring equinox to Ching Ming period is the best period. The following should be specifically mentioned: Virus-free potatoes can be sown early in advance, and broadcast before the spring equinox. The spacing between the two can be controlled at 20 cm. Before sowing, spray with 1 : 10000 times of pungent sulfuric acid along the ditch to prevent underground pests. Organic fertilizers can be scattered directly into the trenches or when the soil is settling. Chemical fertilizers can be placed in the trenches or sprinkled between the seed blocks (note that they cannot be in direct contact with the seed blocks). When planting seeds, there are two methods for planting seeds in the trenches. First, the buds face downwards. The potato roots grown in this method are long and strong, but the potatoes are few but large, but the seedlings are 2-3 days later; the other method is The buds are facing upwards. The potato roots grown by this method are relatively short, and the potatoes are small, but the seedlings are 2-3 days earlier. After the end of the next species, the earth was taken from both sides of the large row to cover the space of the potato ditch and the small row, and the micro-membrane cover was tightly compacted.
Fourth, emergence and management of seedlings.
After Qingming, about 20 days after sowing, there will be seedlings exposed soil. At this time, micro-films can be plucked at the seedlings to release air, so as to prevent steamed seedlings. It is advisable to conduct the afternoon, once a day, and then with the release of the seedlings. . When the seedlings grow to 10 cm in height, the membranes around the seedlings should be tightly packed with soil to keep the water pressed.
The early stage of potato growth should not be watered. If it is rain-free, it can be watered once every 10 days. Usually, it can be matured by pouring 2-3 times of water, and watering can be stopped 10 days before harvest. Seedlings such as aphids or thrips during the seedling stage can be treated with 40% omethoate 1000 times.
Potatoes prefer to use farmyard fertilizers. It is advisable to use 4,000 to 5,000 pounds per 666.sq.m., and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium should be used in conjunction with appropriate chemical fertilizers. Potatoes require large amounts of potassium, and the ratio of scientifically reasonable N, P, and K fertilization is 1.85:1:2.1, while the conventional fertilization for farmers is 1:1:1, resulting in excess nitrogen and phosphorus and insufficient potassium. Potatoes like to absorb ammonium nitrogen and absorb more sulfur. According to the experiment, every kilogram of potassium sulfate added can increase production of 100-150 kilograms of potatoes. Third, timely prevention of potato late blight Potatoes late blight has to prevent difficult to rule. Humidity in the greenhouses of large and small greenhouses contributes to the spread of late blight. After the group of trees should be promptly removed film, spray prevention. Spray once every 15 days, even spray three times, spray rain should promptly make up the spray. Control methods: Use 40% EB aluminum wettable powder 200 times, or 25% thioredox mold wettable powder 600 times, 58% metalaxyl MnZn wettable powder 400 to 500 times, 50% thiazole The fungicide 500-600 times, 72.2% Precicide Fungicide 600 times spray alternately to ensure high yield and good harvest.

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