How to manage lambs in early spring


First, after the birth of the nursing lamb, the umbilical cord is naturally fractured. If the umbilical cord is not broken, it should be twisted at 5-8 cm from the abdomen of the lamb, and then use 5% iodine to smear the broken end to disinfect it. Avoid using scissors or a blade to cut the umbilical cord or umbilical cord. There is a lot of mucus on the newborn lamb. The mucus should try to dry the ewes. Dry them with a dry cloth or grass. When wiping, first wipe the mucus in your mouth, nose, and ears. Lambs are born 2-4 hours. They should be allowed to eat colostrum as soon as possible to promote meconium elimination and to provide antibodies to the lamb to increase its resistance. Manually breastfeeding stronger lambs.

Second, the temperature in early spring is low, and the lamb's ability to resist cold is weak. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of keeping cold insulation in sheep houses. The sheep house should be kept clean, dry and warm, and the ewes and lambs should be kept in a single bar. The sunny weather allows the ewes and lambs to enjoy the sun.

Third, supplement feeding in the early lactation, the lamb's nutrition depends mainly on breast milk, so we must strengthen the feeding of ewes. The amount of supplement can be determined according to the actual situation. Generally, 0.5 kg of concentrate and 1 kg of silage can be supplemented each day. For lactating ewes, the following methods can be used for prolactinization: Take 25 grams of kelp, 100 grams of lard, and put the soup in a pot to allow the ewes to feed once. Generally about 12 hours after eating, the milk production of the ewes increases significantly. . Feed it once every 3-4 days, feed 3-4 times, and replenish enough green and juicy feed. It is also advisable to take 250 grams of soy bean, soak in the water, then grind it and cook it until the temperature is suitable, let the ewe drink it twice a day for 3-4 days.

Fourth, after 15 days of feeding the lamb, it is necessary to train eating and eating materials, so that it can enhance its digestive ability and lay the foundation for normal growth and development after weaning. It can also be fed with some good quality hay, cooked carrots, leaves, etc. Then it can be fed crushed corn, bean cakes, etc., and mixed with chopped succulent feed to enhance palatability.

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