Kiwi Cultivation Management


Select good varieties to choose fruit, good quality, resistant storage, strong resistance varieties, such as Qin Mei, Yat, Hayward, Hongyang, Huaguang 2, and so on.

Choose the kiwifruit in the garden to have a cool and humid environment. It should be planted on slightly acidic sandy loam soil with sheltered winds, no night frost damage, deep fertile soil, good drainage, and high organic matter content.

After planting late-season leaves in suitable period, it can be planted before sprouting in the early spring next year, and planting after falling leaves in late autumn is best. The time for planting in early spring should not be later than before the end of spring in late spring.

Scientific colonization uses T-frames or scaffolding, and close-growing gardens use T-frames. Planting and planting holes before planting, diameter 1 meter, depth 60 cm. Each plant uses 10 to 13 kilograms of decomposed organic fertilizer mixed with soil and then applied into the hole and then planted. Plant 20% of male plants to pollinate. Soft wool varieties grow weakly and should be closely planted. Plant spacing is 2 meters and row spacing is 3 meters. Bristles breeds have strong growth potential with a spacing of 3 meters and spacing of 4 meters.

Artificial pollination requires flower-assisted pollination in case of rainy weather.

Reasonable fruit thinning and fruit setting at the beginning.

Regulating the Feishui Young Age Park each year to deepen the hole expansion, combined with the autumn expansion hole, high-quality farmhouse fertilizer 2000 to 2500 kilograms per acre; mature garden per acre high-quality farm manure 4000 to 5000 kilograms. Fertilizers are applied 3 to 4 times throughout the year. Before germination, nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers are mainly used, and 10 to 15 kg of urea and 20 to 30 kg of superphosphate are applied per acre. Fruit enlargement period per kilogram of potassium sulfate compound fertilizer 30 to 40 kg. During the growth period, sprayed with 3 to 4 times of trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc and other fertilizers. Water immediately after fertilization.

Pruning in summer to remove excess buds and timely picking up the heart, the results of the branches to stay 10 to 15 sections, nutrition branches left 15 to 20 sections. After the picking up, the assistant shoots are removed. From late December to late February, the winter cuts. Sapling pruning should be short at full shoots of new shoots to promote branching and accelerate crown expansion. After the fruit period, attention should be paid to updating the results, and combining the loosening and shrinking. The bristles breeds have strong growth potential, leaving 10 to 15 long shoots, 5 to 8 short and twigs, weak growth, strong branching, heavy pruning, and long fruiting buds. 8 ~ 10, weak fruit branches left 3 to 5 buds. After the winter cut, there are 3 or so fruit branches and 20 to 40 shoots per meter.

Prevention and treatment of insect pests with lime sulfur prevention and treatment of ulcer disease, with agricultural streptomycin control bacterial flower rot. In the early spring, the egg masses on the shoots can be sterilized and sprayed with 2.5% kungfu emollient 2000 to 2500 times. For spider mites, avermectin spray control can be used. After the autumn leaves fall, the pests are removed, burned or buried deeply, and lime sulfur is sprayed to prevent disease.

1.ZF series of reflective shadowless lamp is widely used in various occasions operation lighting needs, is the ideal lighting equipment of modern operation room.

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4. Special design of color temperature compensation provides closer to that of natural sunlight and helps the doctor to distribute operation parts clearly and accurately.

5. The back-up battery will start work within 0.2 seconds automatically in case the main battery is damaged,ensuring the continuation of surgical operation. There`s failure indication in the handle control panel, to recommend the bulb to be changed after operation.

6. detachable handle jacket ,can be used for high temperature (≤134℃)sterilized.

7. Digital-control circuit offers many functions, with 10 segment brightness selection  stepless lighting regulation, brightness memory, low voltage

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8. The life-span of OSRAM halogen bulb is up to 1500 hours; the bulbs can be changed easily.

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