Rabbit Spring Breeding Essentials


1. Strengthen the nutrition and increase the amount of full-price compound feed and high quality green feed. The amount of feeding for male rabbits per day is 50-100g for fine material and 500-600g for green feed. The daily feeding amount of female rabbits was 125-175 g of high quality hay, 100-200 g of succulent feed, and 35-45 g of mixed concentrate. There is a high demand for protein during the hair-cutting period, especially sulfur-containing amino acids should be added to account for more than 0.6% of the diet.
2, do a good job in feed transition, to prevent rabbit poisoning green and green feed fresh and juicy, good palatability, rabbits easy to bulimia, should be less after more, gradually increase, should not avoid excessive feeding caused by digestive tract diseases. Rainy and wet weather should be fed with high moisture feeds, and dry roughage should be fed properly. The green feed to be fed should be selected so as to prevent the feeding of toxic green materials such as heartbrowed grass, Sophora flavescens, Pulsatilla, Arisaema, Pinellia ternate, and Rhubarb so as not to cause diarrhea, abdominal distension, and even death from poisoning.
3, pay attention to the first annual hair-cutting period in winter hair, therefore, the first armpit hair long and rich. Failure to shear the hair in time will affect hair production and breeding. In the northern region, shearing is generally performed from late February to early March and mating is performed 1-2 days after shearing. In case of bad weather, it may be delayed for several days.
4, pay close attention to breeding breeding rabbits sexual libido spring, female estrus normal, is the golden season of breeding, the general fertilization rate is high, the number of litter size, high survival rate of puppies. Conditional rabbit farms should do a good job of breeding each year from March to March.
5, prevention of disease in the spring temperature instability, is a season of multiple infectious diseases, it is necessary to do a good job of prevention. First, several vaccines against infectious diseases such as rabbits, Pasteurella and Clostridium perfringens were injected. Second, targeted drugs can be added to the feed, such as oxytetracycline, chlorpheniramine, yeast tablets, garlic, charcoal powder, paraquat cream, cypress leaves, basil, Ho Ho Chi incense and other drugs and herbs, to prevent colds, stomatitis Occurrence of other diseases. Third, to strengthen the cleanliness of cages, to be cleaned, diligently cleaned and diligently disinfected. The excrement and dirt that have been swept out should be accumulated and fermented to kill various parasites; daily inspections of puppies, young rabbits, and breeding rabbits The health situation, the discovery of problems in a timely manner, the lack of appetite, abdominal swelling, diarrhea arched rabbits should be promptly isolated and treated.

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