Feed corn cultivation and silage technology


1, cultivation techniques:
(1) Use fine varieties. The hybrid maize varieties with more than one tassel and many spikes were selected, and the hybrid corn varieties with more culm and coarse leaves, lush growth, and high biomass yield were selected. The main varieties of maize used for breeding were Mexican varieties. The main hybrid corn varieties were E Yu 16, Ya Yu 2.
(2) timely broadcast. For the purpose of planting maize varieties, the hilly areas of the basin are sown in mid-February, and plastic seedlings can be used to raise the seedlings. Seeds are sown in each hole and soaked in warm water for 10 hours before sowing. Ordinary silage maize varieties can be planted in stages according to requirements and sown in spring, summer, and autumn.
(3) Apply base fertilizer. Before sowing, 2,000 tons of manure was used for piles, 75 kilograms of organic compound fertilizer, 25 kilograms of urea, 10 kilograms of chemical potash, and 50 tons of pig manure. The base fertilizer is applied by ditching, fertilizer and soil are isolated to prevent burning seedlings.
(4) Proper close planting. To divide the corn varieties, "double three 0" restructuring, each with 2 rows, "double 60" restructuring, each with 4 rows. Nest, spacing 0.5 meters, after planting pouring root water. For common hybrid corn varieties, the planting density is increased by 50% than that of the harvested grain.
(5) timely harvest. For corn, when the plant grows to 1.2-1.5 meters, it begins to harvest. Each time, after harvesting acres, 10 kg of urea is applied to promote the tillering. Ordinary hybrids are harvested at the end of the period when the highest peak of biomass production occurs. After harvest, pay attention to the control of sheath blight and spot disease.
2. Silage modulation technology:
(1) cool sun chopped. When the silage is prepared, the harvested corn is dried in the shade for 1-2 days. The raw materials are chopped (short-cut to facilitate compaction to exclude air, and the juice in the raw materials can also flow out, which is beneficial to the uptake of nutrients by the lactic acid bacteria. When the machine cuts, the loss of stems and leaves is prevented.
(2) install pool (bag) repression. Raw materials are compacted layer by layer to eliminate air and create an anaerobic environment for lactic acid bacteria. Raw materials should be installed with the pressure, requirements are practical, so that the elasticity disappears. The whole process of loading the bags (bags) is fast and uninterrupted.
(3) Cover or buckle. When the tank is full, the raw materials around the edge are flush with the pool mouth, and some are higher in the middle. It is a square. The material is covered with 8 wires of plastic film, and the mud is tightly sealed around to prevent air leakage. Silage with a special plastic bag, the bag mouth must be tied with a rope.
(4) Silage and silage plastic bags. The advantages of silos are that farmers have a one-time investment, use for a long time, good sealing, and good silage quality. The address of the silo should be chosen in a place where the soil is solid, flat, ventilated and dry, conducive to drainage and convenient to use. The general pool is 4 meters long, 1 meter wide and 1 meter deep. Bricks, cement walls, in order to seal the plastic film. Silage bags use special silage plastic bags, each bag can store 200 kilograms. Its advantages are simple method, flexible storage location and convenient feeding.

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