Suede processing method


The main raw material: suede.
Equipment appliances: knife, wood, etc.
Production method: First slaughter the cockroach. The main method is as follows:
(1) The method of breaking the cervical spine: grasp the neck of the blister with one hand, grasp the head with one hand, and forcefully push back from the posterior to the vertebral fracture. When the nostrils are bleeding, apply them immediately. Prevent contamination of fur.
(2) Inject air method: Inject 5 to 10 ml of air directly into the heart of the blister with a syringe.
(3) Injectable poisoning method: Inject 0.7-1 ml of strychnine nitrate at a concentration of 0.03% to 0.05% into the chest cavity. Note that after this method is killed, do not pile together to prevent hair loss. In addition, the remaining fat can not be fed to other animals.
After killing the beak, it is followed by skinning. Skinning technology is also critical. The usual method is to open the file first, that is to use a knife tip (or scissors), from the midpoint of a hind limb to the knife, along the boundary line of the long hair of the inside of the hind leg, to pick the toe heart of another hind leg, and then from the midline of the tail and ventral At the midpoint, pick the trailing edge of the anus, and then pick two claws respectively to remove a small three angles. The knife should be straightened, do not pick the anal gland to prevent the formation of large and small or skewed phenomenon. First peel off the hind limbs. When peeling the knee joint, use a knife to peel off the phalanges and cut off the two joints. The first toe bone and the paw skin are left on the skin, the skin is wrapped, and then the tail root, the genitalia and the buttocks are peeled off, and the tail bone is removed. Hang a hind leg upside down, hang it firmly, pull the skin down evenly and with both hands, take it to the forelegs, peel the forelimb, and then continue to peel it off to the ears and eyelids. Use a knife to attach the base of the ear shell, eyelids, and nose to the skull. Cut off to keep ears, eyes and nose intact. Use the method of mounting the cheeks in the hair rinsing. Then use a scraper to scrape the oil on the skin, tail, hind legs and skin edge residue. Dry in a dry place. When it is dry to 67%, turn the board outward to dry. The moisture content must not exceed 15%. Then use sieved sawn timber, add appropriate amount of detergent to rinse and dry the suede board, and clean the grease and dirt until the skin is dry and the sawdust is not stained. Wash the fur again and wash until the pile is clean and shiny. Finally, tap the fur with a small stick to clean the sawdust dust. After the dried skin is processed, it should be washed with sawdust first, then wiped with a towel, alcohol or gasoline to make the plush look beautiful, clean and shiny. For part of the curved hair, use a towel dip hot water 70 °C ~ 80 °C, wrung dry, picking several smooth hair, there are 95% to 98% of the variable straight hair. Comb the tangled hair with a comb and make up the hole. According to male and female grading, back to back, abdomen on the abdominal fold, with the appropriate weight of flat light board pressure 10 to 15 hours, you can sell.
Process: slaughter → open file → peeling → mounting → washing → alcohol scrub → finishing → finished product.

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