The fox's feeding management technology


First, the management of the litter and lactation silver fox production 8 weeks (55 to 60 days) said the lactation period. Management during this period can be subdivided into three phases:
1. Some of the sleep period is known as the colostrum period and usually refers to the time from birth to two weeks.
1 good insulation body temperature adjustment ability of the body of the fox is poor, due to climate change, often wind and rain, temperature difference between day and night, should pay attention to insulation, and some farmers in the wind and rain at night plus quilts, rain cloth and other insulation.
2 Feeding the female fox The purpose of feeding the female fox is to increase the lactation and milk quality of the female fox. Should provide normal nutrition, metabolic energy should not be less than 14.3 MJ / kg, the daily protein level should not be less than 35%, while adding fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D and so on.
3 Keeping Quiet Because of the mother's decision of the female fox, the nervous system of the female fox is highly excited. It is sensitive to the noise, odor, foreign matter, and startle around the fox. It can cause the fox to abandon the fox, puppies, ate and even refuse to breastfeed. Or hide the fox. Special attention should be paid to the fact that outsiders are not allowed to enter and leave the farm, and children are not allowed to enter and play.
2. The eyebrow fox is born for 20 to 25 days. The follicles of the female fox begin to gradually decrease. Breast milk can not meet the needs of the fox, and the feed intake of the fox also gradually increases. It is necessary to train the fox to feed immediately and supply the digestible first. Egg milk and corn porridge and broth, vitamins, gradually add a portion of fresh meat.
3. From the first six weeks of the weaning period to the eight weeks, the foxes have been able to freely enter and eat, and the female foxes have begun to hate the foxes and compete for feeding and biting each other. At this time, weaning should be separated from the fox. The newly weaned fox leaves the fox and its companions and is very uncomfortable with the new environment. Most of them respond to stress, do not want to eat, yell, act uneasy, and fear people. Therefore, as little as possible after weaning, the feed is supplied during the lactation period, and after 5 to 7 days, the fox is used to grow independently and then changes the feed. According to the standard supply of young fox, that is, 7.5-8.5 g of digestible protein per 100 kcal of metabolic energy, this period is the period of vigorous growth and development of young fox, and it grows rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously increase the amount of feed according to the appetite of the young fox and follow the standard. Supply VA, VD, VB1, VB2, VC, etc. to ensure the growth and development needs and improve the survival rate of Foxet.
Second, Aberdeen is a hot summer after weaning, so feeding and management should pay attention to the following points
1. Preventing heatstroke and cooling It is necessary to pay attention to the ventilation of the fox house and build a arbor or plant some vines to prevent direct sunlight; keep the fox house clean and take measures such as cooling water.
2. Doing well in the summer is the season when the growth and reproduction of pathogens are active. Harmful insects such as flies and mosquitoes also provide opportunities for the spread of diseases. Therefore, special attention should be paid to environmental hygiene. Every day, clean the sheds and rinse them with clean water. disinfection.
3. Do a good job of epidemic prevention and control According to the epidemic prevention program, immunization, deworming, etc.; often observe the fox, the fox to early symptomatic treatment.

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