Li Qiao preservation


Li Pi is thin, fleshy, and small in size, with a clear, tasty and nutritious taste. However, Lee is poorly stored, and the picking period coincides with the high temperature in summer. Usually, it is soft and rotten after 3-5 days after harvest, and the rate of bad fruit is extremely high. After the production practice, it was found that the combination of chemical preservatives and low-temperature refrigeration can achieve the purpose of extending the preservation period of barley.
1, picking fruit. Insecticides were sprayed one week prior to harvest to kill aphids and attach eggs. Since the degree of maturity of Li Guo is inconsistent, it is better to pick it up in different times. It is better to pick it up when there is no rain on a sunny day. Pick seventy-eight mature fruits, pick the fruit handle together, take it gently, and try to protect the fruit surface of the wax.
2. Sorting. Excluding the defective fruit with insect eyes and mechanical damage, and sorting and grading according to the size and maturity of the fruit.
3, spray preservatives. The selected peony was sprayed with a premixed fresh-keeping agent made of fresh-keeping agent and ethephon in a group of 5 kg. The anti-aging agent should be uniformly sprayed.
4, the storage of medicine boxes. Packed in cartons with vents, the carton must be pre-sterilized with 2% formaldehyde solution, dried and used, and the refrigerator is also sterilized with a formaldehyde solution. The processed leeks are weighed and packed in boxes of 5 kg each. The storage temperature of P. grandis varies from 0 to 2 °C. Using the above two methods in combination, the preserved period of Liliao can reach 60 days, and the good fruit rate is more than 90%.

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