Pesticides that let pests die out are not necessarily good medicines


Many farmers' friends like to use pesticides that kill them quickly and let pests die. Some advertisements have also been induced. Zheng Fei, a plant protection expert and researcher at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, reminded farmers that a pesticide used in a bag of cigarettes is not necessarily a good medicine for pesticides. It will induce pest resistance and the use of pesticides will also increase. The resulting environmental pollution and damage to biodiversity cannot be ignored. He believes that the pests should not be completely killed, as long as they are controlled to the extent that they are not harmful to the plants concerned. He said that plant-originated pesticides are relatively safe for the environment, and the agricultural products produced by them are also "a green light" in international trade.

Zheng Feiengeng recently told reporters at the National Symposium on the Prevention of New Crop Diseases and Pests, that from the point of view of the hundreds of millions of years of biological evolution, certain plants and corresponding pests are mutually restrictive, interdependent, and co-evolving. As the side effects on the ecological environment become increasingly apparent, chemical pesticides are facing major adjustments at home and abroad, and species with serious side effects are being phased out, while plant-sourced pesticides are naturally derived and compatible with the environment and can be degraded in the environment. Simple natural compound. The production of green foods and organic foods requires the use of plant-derived pesticides. It plays a correspondingly slower role, or the knocked-down pest has a certain recovery rate, but it is not easy to induce resistance to insect pests, and there is “soft power” that regulates plant growth and promotes plants to increase their compensatory power. For example, pyrethrum was used for more than 100 years, and no pests were found to have drug resistance. It is a compound component, unlike medical antibiotics, which is the "most effective compound" for purification.

Zheng Feieng pointed out that Chinese herbal medicines rarely use single herbs. It has been used for thousands of years and its efficacy has been highly evaluated both at home and abroad. Humans have gone through detours in the research and development of antibiotics and highly toxic pesticides. "Eliminating all pests and pests" is not in accordance with dialectics, and it is not possible to reduce biological movements with higher levels to lower-level chemical movements. To learn bad from nature is to be punished. Zheng Feineng said that plant-originated pesticides are similar to biological pesticides in many aspects, but have obvious differences from general chemical pesticides. China has the resources and R&D advantages of plant-derived pesticides. Matrine and pyrethrum are already available. Pyrethrum research and development has taken the lead in the world. Pyrethrin is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low-toxic residue-free green pesticide; it quickly knocks out pests that harm vegetables, fruit trees, cotton, herbs, flowers, etc.; it has no chronic toxicity to mammals; it is not polluted by soil. The first choice of 12 biopesticides recommended by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization to the world. The world now has 300 million U.S. dollars in pesticides every year, and the U.S. is a large consumer of pyrethrum. Farmer friends should go out of their misunderstandings and try to use "environmentally friendly" pesticides.
The reporter Zhong Yanping

There are three main types of Rice.

In GB/T 1354-2009 "Rice National Standards", there are only three types of rice: glutinous rice, glutinous rice and glutinous rice.
Pick rice three steps


Packed rice first look at whether the packaging is marked with QS mark, product name, net content, production date and shelf life, quality grade, product standard number and other information.

Look at the color and size of the rice grains in bulk to see if there are broken rice or yellow grains.


Premium rice has a natural valley scent and no smell.


New rice has a higher protein content and is harder than Chenmi.

Other Rice

Royal Basmati Rice,Nutritious Rice,Medium Grain Rice,Short Grain Rice

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