Rotary cultivator use and maintenance and use safety matters and maintenance methods


1. When starting the unit, firstly connect the power output shaft power, then hang up the work stop, slowly engage the clutch, operate the hydraulic lifting handle or lifting device at the same time, make the rotary cultivator blade gradually into the earth, and then increase the throttle until normal cultivation. deep. It is absolutely forbidden to suddenly combine the power of the rotary tiller on the ground, or to plung the rotary tiller into the soil. Otherwise, the blade and the cutter shaft will be subjected to an impact load and damage to the rotary tiller and the tractor transmission member will be caused.
2. During operation, listen carefully to the noise and metal knocking of each working part. If there is any, you should immediately stop and check and troubleshoot before proceeding.
3. When the rotary tillage is too deep, the soil is too heavy or hard, the tractor is black smoked and accompanied by slippage, the tillage depth should be reduced or the tillage width reduced.
4. When turning, the throttle should be reduced. The tail wheel and the steering clutch should cooperate with each other and be carried out slowly. It is forbidden to make a sharp turn to prevent damage to the relevant parts. When turning or reversing a wheeled tractor, the rotary cultivator should be raised to prevent the blade from being twisted and the knife shaft from being damaged.
5. When passing through the ditch, the operating handle of the rotary cultivator should be placed in a separate position so as to prevent the rear of the tractor from suddenly tilting and the blade hurting.
6, timely removal of the knife shaft, the grass wrapped around the blade, so as not to damage the knife shaft, affecting the depth of cultivation. Always turn off the engine when clearing the grass.
7. Both ends of the universal joint work should be close to horizontal, and the included angle should not be greater than 10 degrees. When the working status is improved, the included angle should not be greater than 30 degrees, and the speed should be reduced to prevent damage to the universal joint assembly.
8. During operation, it is forbidden to stand behind the rotary tiller and on the machine to prevent danger.
9. After every 3 to 4 hours of work, check whether the blade is loose or deformed. If any abnormality is found, tighten or replace it in time.
10. When checking and troubleshooting, the engine must be turned off to ensure personal safety.
11. When the field is transferred, the rotary cultivator should be raised and the power output shaft power should be cut off. If the transfer distance is large, use the locking device to fix the rotary cultivator in a certain position, or remove the universal joint transfer.
12. When parking, the rotary cultivator should be grounded, and suspension and parking are strictly prohibited.
When long-term storage is required after the maintenance operation is finished, the outside dirt and grass of the rotary tiller should be removed and cleaned, the gear oil inside the transmission box should be replaced, and the lubricated parts should be lubricated; the blades, universal joints and oil should be removed. Placed in the room; oiled and rust-proofed on other exposed working parts, damaged parts repaired or replaced in time, and then lift up the rotary cultivator, stored in dark, sheltered from rain, ventilated and dry place.

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