Smoke during engine operation and solutions


After the tractor has been driving for a certain period of time, due to overloaded, over-speed transport, improper use of engine parts, exhaust pipe carbon deposition, etc., resulting in the engine running black smoke, blue smoke, white smoke phenomenon. As the fuel consumption rate increases, the power of the engine decreases, affecting the normal operation of the engine and reducing the owner's operating income. First, the cause of the black engine smoke exhaust pipe exhaust black smoke and solutions 1, black smoke causes: the tractor overloaded with overspeed operation, so that the engine load is too heavy, serious carbon deposit in the combustion chamber; fuel supply time is too late, combustion is not Complete; injectors are not working properly; valves, liners, pistons, and piston rings wear out; leakage is too large and diesel quality does not meet regulations; intake and exhaust manifolds are blocked, resulting in insufficient intake air and exhaust gas exhaust. 2. Solution: Reducing the load, carrying out transport operations according to the approved loading capacity for the license plate, and removing the coke from the combustion chamber; increasing the gasket of the fuel injection pump so that the oil supply advance angle meets the requirements; removing the carbon deposit of the injector, adjusting Injection pump pressure or replacement of a new outlet valve; grinding valves, repair or replace cylinder liners, pistons, piston rings; adjust fuel supply to oil pumps, replace fuels that meet regulations; clean air cleaners and remove muffler carbon deposits. Second, the engine exhaust blue smoke caused by the reasons and solutions 1, the reason for the blue smoke: oil into the combustion chamber to participate in combustion, piston ring and cylinder sleeve is not completely run in, oil from the gap into; piston ring bonded in the tank Internally, the piston ring's taper is reversed and it loses the effect of oil scraping; the piston ring wears excessively, the oil ran into the combustion chamber from the open gap; the oil sump surface is too high; the air filter has too much oil; the valve and duct wear , The gap is too large. 2. Solution: The new car or the overhauled locomotive must be adjusted to the engine according to the regulations so that the parts can be meshed properly; see the assembly mark, install the piston ring correctly; exchange qualified or enlarged size of the piston ring; check the oil pan The cause of the rise in oil level is to release excess oil in the oil pan; reduce the oil in the filter oil pan; replace the valve guide. Third, the engine exhaust pipe caused by white smoke causes and solutions 1, the cause of white smoke: poor atomization of the fuel injector or drip so that some diesel fuel does not burn; diesel water; cylinder head and cylinder sleeve have Cracks that are invisible to the naked eye, cylinder head gaskets are damaged to make water in the cylinder; the temperature is too low. 2, take the white smoke solution: clean or replace the injector, adjust the fuel injection pressure; remove the water in the tank and the oil, do not buy low-quality bad oil; replace the cylinder head gasket, cylinder liner, cylinder head; run after a period of time eliminate.

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