Prevention of corn red spider and mite damage


The occurrence and harm of corn spider mites and aphids are greatly affected by climate conditions. It is expected that the average monthly temperature in most areas in August will be slightly higher and the rainfall will be slightly less, which is very favorable to the growth and reproduction of corn spider mites and aphids. . With the intensification of drought conditions, the aggravating hazards of corn spider mites and aphids directly affect the grouting of corn, resulting in reduced corn production. Therefore, all localities should attach great importance to the prevention and control of corn spider mites and locusts. In the drought year, we must reduce disasters in the disaster and protect the food crops that are harvested. Control measures: 1. The lower 1-5 leaves of the corn were removed and taken out of the field and burned. The growth of corn spider mites is gradually harmed from the lower leaves. The timely removal of the lower leaves not only does not affect the growth of corn, but also has a significant effect on the control of red spiders. 2. Chemical control. The chemical control of corn spider mites and aphids should be controlled as soon as possible in the stage of spotting: in the selection of pharmaceuticals, it is necessary to protect and use natural enemies of pests, and to avoid the occurrence of human and animal poisoning accidents. 1 Control of corn spider mites: Available Avermectin (1.8% Insox, 1.8% edustin, 0.9% schizophylline) 2000-3000 times, 10% Liuyangmycin 1500 times, 23% Wet powder 1000 times, 20% Dai Ling EC 2000-3000 times, 20% Trichloromethane WP 800 times, 5% Nisolul EC 1500-2000 times spray. 2 control of corn borers: available 40% omethoate EC 1500 times spray, can be used to treat corn spider mite.


Each ml contains Diazinon 600mg.


Yellow or yellowish-brown colored clear liquid.


Diazinon is an organphosphorus insecticide for veterinary fields for the control of a wide range of animal ectoparasite, arachnids and insects. Including ticks, mange mites, lice and fleas, fly strike, feds, bloefly maggot, screwworms and other parasites of assorted animals.


Post dipping lameness may occur when the sheep are dipped in dirty wash, or wash that has been allowed to stand over-night.


The time and frequency of taking medicine according to the genus of parasites, climate condition and infectivity. In order to control Sarcoptes scabiei absolutely, the product should be used twice in parasites' life, and use it to deal with stable house.

• Sprinkling:

Mix 20ml Diazinon 60% EC with 20L water (600ppm) in poultry (except pigs).

Mix 40ml Diazinon 60% EC with 100L water (250ppm) in the pigs.

• Medicated bath:

Mix 1L Diazinon 60% EC with 2400L water (250ppm) at first of sheep and goat infusion bath.

Supply medicine solution: Mix 1liter Diazinon 60% EC with 800L water (750ppm).

Mix 1liter Diazinon 60% EC with 1000L water (600ppm) at first of cattle infusion bath.

Supply medicine solution: Mix 1liter Diazinon 60% EC with 400L water (1500ppm). 


Meat: 28 days after the latest treatment.

Milk: 7 days after the latest treatment


Tightly sealed, keep in a cool(below 25℃), dry place and protect from light.


Shelf-life of the veterinary medical products as packaged for sale: 3 years



Diazinon Solution

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