Winter management of hydroponic flowers


The temperature conditions required for safe wintering of flowers under hydroponics conditions are consistent with the temperatures required for soil cultivation (artificial medium cultivation). Family water culture flowers, the use of the foliage, flower plants, mostly originating in the Latin American rain forest, or tropical high temperature, high humidity, shaded valley, is not cold flowers, growth and temperature is generally 18 °C - 25 °C Hydroponics only changed the cultivation method and did not change its growth habits. When the temperature drops below 10°C, some flowers grow stagnant and their leaves lose luster; most of the foliage plants suffer from different degrees of damage when they fall below 5°C - the leaves are scorched, the old leaves are yellow, wilting, and even die. , such as green radish, golden gems, silver grass, wolfberry powder and so on. Understand the changes in the temperature of the environment where you are living, and choose the type of flower that is suitable for water culture, which is easier for beginners to succeed.
In the absence of facilities and capabilities to adjust the ambient temperature, choose a flower with a wider range of temperature adaptation, such as green apple Xilin fig, monstera, meranti, calla lilies, ivy, Raytheon, tiger eye evergreen, network Stone, mosaic vines Changchun, Clivia and other flowers hydroponic support. In addition, discarded foam boards can be used, cut to size according to the dimensions of the hydroponic vessels, and then spliced ​​and glued to wrap the vessels. When the room temperature is lower than 10°C, it is very effective to cover old newspapers and plastic films on hydroponic flowers, or to increase the water temperature to 18°C ​​or 25°C. If a family has a tropical fish, a shelf can be placed on the top of the tank to place the hydroponic flowers on it for safe wintering.
When the room temperature is below 10°C in winter, most hydroponic flowers are dormant or semi-dormant under harsh climatic conditions. At this point should stop the application of flower hydroponic nutrient solution, only with tap water support, and change the water on time (when changing the water appropriate to incorporate some warm water, so that the water temperature is maintained at about 18 ~ 25 °C), clean the plant's roots, keep utensils clean . Usually 10 to 15 days to replace a new water, if the water is pure and clean, the plants grow strong, no rot, 15 to 20 days and even 30 days to replace once will not affect its growth. For those water-cultivated flowers that are still growing slowly, such as Clivia, calla lily, fairy pen, and green apple lindolin, etc., nutrient solution can be applied once every 10-15 days to promote its healthy growth.

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