Chinese cabbage production technical specifications


1. Variety: Selection of high-quality, high-yield varieties such as Yutian Baotou, Beijing Xinsanhao, Qiulv 75, etc.

2. Appropriate sowing: sowing time for seedling transplanting is 3 days before and after July 30th, and the sowing amount is 125-150 grams; the sowing time for direct seeding is 3-5 days sowing, and the sowing amount is 200-250 grams.

3. Seeding method: in the nursery bed, flat sowing sowing; live field in the sorghum drill on the inside. Pre-cast ostrich, cover soil 1-1.2 cm, compacted.

4. Fertilization: According to the law of Chinese cabbage requiring fertilizer, implement balanced fertilization, combining basal fertilizer with top dressing. Basal fertilization applies 3,000 kilograms of high-quality organic fertilizer per acre, and 40 kilograms of three-element compound fertilizer. The topdressing fertilizer is mainly quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer, and appropriate calcium, iron, etc. are applied in stages of seedling stage, rosette stage, and mid ball stage.

5. Field management

Seedlings, Dingmiao: After the seedlings were unearthed, when the 2-4 leaves of the cross were pulled, the seedlings were 2-4 times, the seedling distance was opened, and diseased seedlings, weak seedlings and hybrid seedlings were removed. When 5-6 leaves were planted or planted with 33-50 cm spacing.

Intertillage, seedlings: Before the rosette stage, cultivating 2-4 times, the last cultivator before planting ridges, from shallow to deep, not to hurt the roots, while sealing ditch, seedlings 7-10 days.

Watering topdressing: Water management, Seedling during the seedling stage, and soil moisture during the rosette period, and the principle of moist soil during the ball stage. When young seedlings, diligently pour water to lower the ground temperature. Stop watering 7-10 days before harvest. In the rosette period, Zhuang Fei combines top dressing twice with watering, applying 15-20 kg of compound fertilizer per acre for the first time, and applying 15-20 kg of urea per acre for the second time. During the sturdy period, 0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate was used to apply 1-2 times of foliar dressing.

6. Pest control

Soil treatment: deep-cast 40 cm before live broadcasting and transplanting, combined soil preparation with 1:1 carbendazim and 2 kg of enemy kangsong per acre to prevent diseases such as soft rot and clubroot disease of Chinese cabbage.

Virus disease: At the beginning of the disease, use 33-66 g/mu of 20% Viral WP 500 times, once every 7-10 days, and control 1-2 times in succession.
Downy mildew: Spray with 72% Keshuangqing 500 times, once every 7-10 days, and control 1-2 times in succession.

Soft rot and black rot: Prevention and control from the rosette stage, neophytin 4000-5000 times.

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