The optimum growth temperature for pigs in a dry-sweeping fermentation bed


Temperature is very important for pigs and it is an important environmental factor that determines the normal growth and development of pigs. In general, people mostly pay attention to the influence of air temperature on pigs, and often use the temperature in the pens to determine if the pigs are at the right temperature. But in fact, in many situations, the air temperature does not really reflect whether the temperature environment meets the pig's physiological needs. The most intuitive and effective temperature sensed by the pigs is actually the temperature that the body skin is exposed to, that is, the temperature that the pig is exposed to. There are many ways to maintain ground temperature, but the easiest way to get at the same time but also to get other help is to use a golden babe dry swabbed bed.
In addition to feeding, drinking, excretion, and certain activities, pigs spend more than 70% of their time lying down. Obviously, the temperature environment of the rest area, especially the surface temperature environment of the housing, becomes the real temperature environment that the pigs need to control first. According to the data, compared with the air temperature, in the wet state of the surface, the true temperature of the ground felt by the pigs in winter and spring is lower than the air temperature by more than 9°C. Already, farmers have attached great importance to this, especially when treating suckling piglets, they will adopt certain measures to keep warm, such as surface water-heating insulation, electric heating plate insulation, bedding insulation, infrared light irradiation and heat preservation. However, these methods are not only simple and not practical.
Farmers who are using the Golden Baby Dry Fermenting Bed may feel that maintaining the ground temperature is not a big problem because the surface of the fermentation bed is kept at about twenty degrees in the year. In addition to the higher temperature required for lactating piglets, the optimum growth temperature is between ten and twenty degrees, regardless of the size of the boar or the sow that is lactating or pregnant. The surface of the fermentation mattress material is about twenty degrees. It is precisely in this temperature range. In fact, the fermentation bed thermostat is just a small function along the way, and its main function is to solve the problem of swine manure and urine excretion, and at the same time can save energy and save food, improve the immunity of herds and so on.
Temperature is an important environmental factor for pig farmers to consider. Using proper methods to maintain the surface temperature of the housing is a particularly important issue for pig farmers. The golden treasure dry fermentation bed is a more direct, scientific and effective means to maintain the ground temperature. If farmers use a dry-sweeping fermentation bed to create a comfortable temperature environment for the pig herd, take into account feeds that provide balanced nutrition, take scientific and external safety precautions, implement procedures that are reasonable and reflect the operational management of pig welfare, then pig farming It will become more efficient and bring better benefits to farmers. Details can be consulted: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone toll-free hotline Website: Taobao Website:

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