Israel develops new intercom system in magnetic resonance environment


Release date: 2009-09-28

An optical communication system enables doctors to work quietly and quietly during interventional magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI), freely communicating with technicians and patients.

Optoacoustics Intervention The MR Optical Communication (IMROC) system is a non-magnetic communication system based on specialized sensors and fiber-optic headphones that can be clearly represented on the magnetic resonance field. The system supports up to 8 concurrent conversations, eliminating noise and gradients to provide enhanced voice quality. The IMROC system acoustic transducer is specifically designed for high field magnetic resonance environments, and it also integrates state-of-the-art digital signal processing and state of lightweight fiber optic headphones. Multi-channel adaptive noise reduction and echo cancellation, a full-duplex communication system, allows the MRI scanner to stay in touch with the control room.

The system consists of a fiber optic headset with ultra-thin earmuffs and a fiber-magnetic resonance imaging II microphone for real-time adaptive noise cancellation and hearing. An optical switch unit is carried by the staff for immediate control. In addition, by providing an integrated MP4 audio entertainment system, patient comfort is enhanced and full stereo is achieved.

The IMROC system was developed by the Israeli company Optoacoustics.

Interventional magnetic resonance imaging refers to the interventional operation using magnetic resonance compatibility equipment under the guidance and monitoring of magnetic resonance imaging, and is one of the latest developments in clinical magnetic resonance imaging. In interventional magnetic resonance imaging, a doctor or radiologist often needs to communicate with a technician in the control room. The problem is that traditional equipment cannot be used because magnetic fields can interfere with traditional electronic circuits. In addition, the MRI machine itself can be quite noisy. Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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