Dwarf ground chrysanthemum


The dwarf chrysanthemum plants are low in height, and the flower clusters are tight or spherical in flowering. Compared with the common ground chrysanthemum, the internodes are greatly shortened. Although the growth is strong, the dwarf traits are also exhibited due to the large number of branches. Features. The height of the dwarf floorcover chrysanthemum is between 15 and 45 centimeters, and most varieties are 25 to 35 centimeters. The dwarf ground chrysanthemums exhibit strong resistance and adaptability in trials in all parts of the country. Harbin and Urumqi in the north are resistant to low temperature of -35°C, while in Guangzhou and Wuhan in the south, they are resistant to high temperatures. Half shade, anti-air pollution, salt and alkali resistance, pest and disease resistance. Because the dwarf ground beetle root system is particularly developed, it is extremely drought-resistant and can be planted once. It can be used for 3 to 5 years. Extensive management can bloom year after year. From August to October flowering season, the main colors are red, orange, yellow, pink, white and brown. There are more than a dozen kinds of colors, and the flowering period is very spectacular. The dwarf ground chrysanthemums are divided into early flowering varieties and late flowering varieties. Using them together can increase the color and extend the viewing period. Late flowering varieties can bloom to frost. The dwarf ground chrysanthemum is a dwarf plant with a certain ability to expand and can cover the ground. In the short term, it can form low and dense vegetation and become a unique landscape that can decorate residential courtyards, roads, and parks. In the dwarf ground chrysanthemum cultivation, cutting methods are used for breeding. With the accelerating process of urban greening in our country and the rise of home garden greenery, dwarf ground beetle will have a larger market space.

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