Ningxia Drug Administration Bureau held special drug training class


In order to further standardize the management of special drugs and timely grasp the state's policy on the management of special drugs, the Food and Drug Administration of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region recently held a special drug training class in Yinchuan City in 2009 to invite experts to give lectures.

During the training class, experts gave lectures on the use and management of narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, drug abuse and drug dependence, global drug abuse, and drug abuse in China. The relevant personnel used narcotic drugs from the current situation, Ningxia anesthesia The use of drugs, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, medical toxic drugs, and laws and regulations related to radioactive drugs were explained.

Dong Zhong, deputy director of the Food and Drug Administration of the Autonomous Region, elaborated on the effectiveness of the management of special drugs, the new tasks and tasks currently facing, and the analysis of the cases of drugs flowing into illegal channels. He stressed that regulators and enterprises should strengthen the management of ephedrine compound preparations; the regulatory authorities should combine key inspections, daily inspections, centralized inspections, and special inspections to supervise and inspect the production and operation of enterprises to ensure that enterprises regulate production. Management; enterprises must be law-abiding and operate according to law in the management of special drugs.

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