[Scientific name]Erythrina orientalis

[Alias] Mountain Hibiscus, Guangdong Ivory Red


Production in tropical Asia, southern China and Sichuan cultivation more widely. Intensive sunlight requires high temperature, moist environment and well-drained sandy loam soil, avoid moisture in the clay soil, not cold, northern planting, winter temperature should be maintained above 4 °C. Deciduous trees, about 20m high, dry gray, with conical prickles. Three compound leaves alternate, leaflet rhombic or diamond-shaped oval. Racemes, calyx buds dark red, butterfly, bright red, flowering March. The fruit was rosary and the seeds were red. Seeding or cutting propagation, cuttings in the 4-5 months, 1 to 2 months to take root; can also be used high pressure breeding. Erythrina flowers are beautiful, suitable for planting in the courtyard, or used as a street tree, can be viewed in potted plants in the north. About 50 species of the same genus are commonly cultivated: E.coralodendron; E.carffra; E.varie- gata; E.arborescens . Erythrina is the national flower of Argentina.

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