Lily bamboo (Figure)


Aliases: Short-leafed bamboo, Lucky bamboo

Scientific name: Dracaena reflexa

Family Genus: Agave kelona (Also classified in the literature as the genus Lilium)

Morphology: Perennial evergreen shrubs or small trees, leaves loosely clustered, leaves linear or lanceolate, apex acuminate, entire, leaf length 12 cm to 22 cm, width 1.8 cm to 3 cm, leaves green and green luster. Inflorescence solitary or branched, floret white. Its variegated species Phnom Penh Lilium bamboo is also seen in cultivation, there are golden yellow stripes at the edge of leaves; golden lily bamboo, green leaves, golden yellow at the center.

Distribution: Originating in Madagascar, it is now widely cultivated as a foliage plant. Its leaves are elegant and easy to shade, and it is very suitable for indoor viewing and hydroponic appreciation.

Conservation: hi warm and humid semi-shade environment, drought and moisture, not cold, afraid of sun exposure, suitable for growth in sandy loam rich in humus. Sowing or cutting propagation. (against Baofeng)

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