Summer heat to prevent peppers falling


In recent days, high temperature weather around 40°C has continuously appeared in northern China. This stage is also the flowering of peppers and the fruitful period of the results. This has caused some areas of pepper fields to have fallen leaves, fallen flowers and fallen fruit to varying degrees.

The buds of peppers are extremely prone to fall off at temperatures above 32°C. In addition, due to the high temperature and drought climate, pests such as cotton bollworm, tobacco budworm, and red spider have become paralyzed and their damage is large. At the same time, diseases such as hot pepper anthrax, viral diseases, umbilical rot, soft rot, and sunburn are also common. These are also important aspects that cause the phenomenon of “three falls” in peppers.

Prevention measures are as follows: First, according to the soil moisture and weather conditions, science watering, so that drought can be poured, can be ranked. Under conditions of high temperature and dry weather, water should be promptly provided to ensure the normal water requirement of the plants. In particular, bud stage and the result period are sensitive to the demand of water. When the water is scarce, it is very easy to cause the phenomenon of “three fall” of peppers. The watering time should be chosen in the early morning. In case of heavy rainfall and flood disasters, the water in the fields should be eliminated in time. The second is spraying control. Based on the prevention and control of pests and diseases, trace elements such as anti-dropping agents and borax can be sprayed to increase the rate of fruit set.

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