How to identify old and new seeds of vegetables


Whether vegetable seed is a new species is one of the important conditions for vegetables to obtain high yield. Seeding with new seeds has high germination rate, emergence of seedlings, bud seedlings are strong, and it is easy to obtain stable and high yield. If old seeds are used, the weak seedlings will be used to reduce the yield, while the weight will be lost. Accurately identify new species and species, using one-see, two-sense, three-spot, and four-dip methods. The following focuses on the identification of new and old seeds for several common fruit and vegetable varieties.
1. Cruciferous vegetable seeds are heavily pressed with a fingernail or placed on a tabletop. The palm of the hand is pressed back and forth a few times. The granules are difficult to pull apart, the sticky skin is squeezed by hand, and the grains are greenish yellow. Most of the light yellows are new species; Chen seeds are dull and dull, sometimes with “salt cream” on the epidermis. They are peeled off and smelled with a slight oily haze and low oil content. The cotyledons are crumbly and the pelts are easy to separate.
2. Eggplant, pepper, tomato and other solanaceous vegetable seeds, the new species is generally milky yellow, shiny, and the Chen species is khaki or yellow; new varieties of pepper spicy flavor, Chen kind of taste and even a musty taste .
3. Legume seeds such as green beans, kidney beans, peas, etc. The new oil is glossy, full, rich in oil, aroma, astringent mouth bite, green cotyledon, Chen bite bite no astringency, can not smell Aroma, dark yellow markings on cotyledons. New species of legumes have no wormholes.
4. Onion, leeks and other Liliaceae vegetable seeds, carefully observed with saliva wet, grain surface is a small white core for the new species, no white core for the Chen species.
5. Cucurbitaceae vegetable seeds such as cucumber and bitter gourd. The new skin is shiny and creamy. It is rich in oil. It has astringent taste and aroma. The Chen seeds are dull and dull, sometimes with macular, mouth. Chews with oily taste.
The vegetables are properly kept and can generally be planted within a certain period of time. However, the seeds of carrots and leeks are not easy to emerge, and even if they grow, they are difficult to survive. Onions must also use new seeds. Scallions that grow out of the seeds of Chen are easily seeded, have low yield, and are of poor quality. When farmers use Chen seeds, they should first do a germination test and then determine the seeding rate based on the germination rate.

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