"Ten Suggestions" to Improve the Effect of Fishery Medicine Treatment


In the process of fish breeding, it is inevitable that various diseases will occur. When using drugs, the effect is often unsatisfactory. This is because the therapeutic effects of drugs are affected by various factors. Here, according to my own experience, the author proposes "ten points" to improve the therapeutic effect of fishery medicines. It is only for the majority of farmers to consult when using drugs.

First, accurate diagnosis of fish disease, symptomatic medication. Symptomatic use of drugs is one of the most basic conditions for improving the efficacy of drug treatment, especially for fish diseases that are prone to miscellaneous diseases (for example, gills caused by Chinese migaria and gills caused by bacterial infections). Symptomatic medication can play the role of drugs to the disease.

Second, accurate measurement of water, calculate the exact amount of medication. The dose of internal medicine should be calculated based on the total weight of the fish in the pond or based on the daily feed.

Third, find out the sensitivity of different fish to different drugs. To avoid the formation of phytotoxicity, it is necessary to first ascertain the sensitivity of different fishes to different drugs. For example, black peony root is more sensitive to ferrous sulfate and fish without scales are more sensitive to trichlorfon. If these drugs are used, not only Failure to cure fish disease can result in poisoning of the breeding object.

Fourth, pay attention to the antagonism and synergy between drugs. When two or more drugs are used in combination, two completely different results may occur, namely: antagonism, which will offset each other's efficacy and reduce the effect; synergistic effects will make the drugs react to each other and enhance the efficacy. Therefore, if it is really necessary to mix two or more drugs, it is best to use under the guidance of a technician.

5. When Quanchiposa spills drugs, it is best to pour medicine after feeding because the appetite of the fish after the spill will fall. In addition, it is best to use medication during sunny hours from 9 to 10 o'clock or from 4 o'clock to 5 o'clock in the morning to avoid medication in direct sunlight at noon, because the higher the temperature, the faster the drug will evaporate and the shorter the duration of drug efficacy. ; There are rainy days should not use drugs (except for some drugs that can release oxygen), because of poor lighting in rainy days, medication can easily lead to oxygen deficiency in the fishing pond.

Sixth, Quanchiposa must be uniform when spilling drugs. For some insoluble and residue drugs (such as: bleaching powder) must be filtered out of the residue, so as not to residue into the pool by the fish to eat and poisoning to form a phytotoxicity.

VII. Quanchiposa should start from the wind and start to slopping down the wind, and people should stand upwind. This can make the liquid quickly distributed in the pool water with the help of the wind force, and at the same time ensure that the sprinkler Security.

8. Irregularly changing the variety of drugs. When the same drug is used for the treatment of fish disease for a long time, the onset effect will be very good, but after a long time, the efficacy will often be weakened because the pathogen has resistance to the drug, that is, drug resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to alternate the use of the drug to replace the product on a regular basis.

9. It is best to feed part of the normal feedstuff when feeding the internal medicine bait, so that the healthy fish can be fed before feeding the feed with the bait, so as to ensure that those sick fish that are sick but still have some appetite can eat it. To medicine baits, achieve the effect of drug treatment.

X. Containers for dissolving or dispensing drugs must use plastic buckets or casks. Metal containers cannot be used because most fishery drugs easily react with metals to change the composition and properties of the drugs.

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