Weight loss tips: remember to eat white food


The effects of various colors of food on the human body are also different, and white foods can suppress people's appetite. Today we have a deep understanding of white food.

Bright, colorful foods such as orange, orange, red, gold, etc. can stimulate people's appetite. If you have food of this kind on the table, you will unknowingly eat a few more, so it is easy to bury it for obesity. Under the hidden dangers. Take the boiled fish, just to look at it is very appetizing, although eating fish will not increase fat, but eat chili will be appetizing, appetite is good, other foods will eat more, fat is in the do not know I feel it accumulates.

Milky white foods, such as tofu and fish, have a certain inhibitory effect on appetite. Green foods, such as tender bamboo shoots, are neutral in color, and these foods do not contain high fat and are rich in nutrients.

So if you plan to adjust the color of your food in seven days of the week, it will make you look a bit different. For example, Monday is white, and the recipes are fish fillets, tofu, and so on.

The choice of low-calorie foods, they have a common rule is their own taste is light, especially the dishes below 600 kJ are often tasteless and tasteless. If you are heavy, you can't stand this kind of ascetic life. You can put more effort into the seasoning of the dish. You can adjust it with sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy. Only the saltiness is controlled, and the daily intake of salt is not More than 8 grams. The key to dieting to lose weight is only to reduce the calories of the diet, not the taste.

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