Talking about the Analysis of Fault Predictive of Variant Transporter


Soon spring sowing, on March 1, the city's agricultural machinery department on how to use the agricultural machinery safely and prepare spring to support the farmers of our city.
According to experts, during the maintenance of agricultural machinery in the early spring, all kinds of agricultural machinery should be cleaned, lubricated, adjusted, and tightened before use in accordance with the requirements of the manual to ensure that the equipment is put into operation in good technical condition. . For the maintenance of the lubricating system of power machinery (such as tractors, diesel engines), in addition to the use of lubricating oil according to the stipulated standards, the maintenance cycle and specifications of the lubrication system must be strictly observed, the lubrication system should be regularly cleaned, and the filter parts should be replaced regularly to reduce the wear of the machine parts. The temperature in early spring is unstable and volatile, and it is necessary to continue to do a good job of anti-freezing to ensure the correct use of power machinery cooling system. In addition, the diesel that was bought back was allowed to settle for more than 96 hours to ensure the purification of diesel oil.
Experts remind farmers that most of their agricultural operations are conducted in the open air and in the open air. They often come in contact with dust, silt, and water. The body is most likely to be dirty. Therefore, farmers should often scrub agricultural machinery so that the fuselage does not rust, if necessary, to make up the paint to prevent rust, to ensure the safe use of agricultural machinery. Variational conveyors often suffer from such failures during use, and some failures can have serious consequences, causing casualties or property damage. If potential hidden troubles can be discovered in time, unnecessary losses can be avoided. The operator can determine the technical condition of the locomotive through the following aspects:
First, the instrument is abnormal: When driving a variant transporter should develop a good habit of often seeing the instrument, from the locomotive instrument in time to find the problem. This is because the instrument can indicate the operating parameters of the engine. Through this, the operator can understand the operation of the locomotive and the operation of the engine. For example: ammeter is used to indicate the battery charge and discharge current intensity of the instrument; oil pressure gauge is used to display the engine oil pressure and lubrication system operating conditions of the instrument; water temperature indicator is used to indicate the cooling water in the water jacket The temperature of the. There are many other instruments and indicators such as these. If the meter or indicator suddenly shows an abnormal condition during normal engine operation, it indicates that the vehicle is malfunctioning. Therefore, timely measures should be taken to check for troubleshooting according to the actual situation.
Second, performance anomalies: Locomotive performance generally refers to power, braking, ride smoothness, fuel consumption. If in use, the locomotive performance suddenly deteriorates, it means that the locomotive has a fault and should be eliminated promptly.
Third, abnormal sound: As a regular driver dealing with their own locomotive, more familiar with the situation of the locomotive. Therefore, it is more sensitive to sudden abnormalities in locomotives. Therefore, we should not ignore the sudden abnormal sound of locomotives during use, and respond to abnormal noises in a timely manner to check and repair in time.
Fourth, odor abnormalities: If the locomotive suddenly appeared foul odor, excessive oily odor, and other abnormal odors during operation, the locomotive was faulty. There will be a coke odor when the clutch plate is ablazed; poor contact with the electrical circuit will cause a burnt odor; excessive oily odor may be due to oil leakage, which is also very dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to make timely judgments based on different odors in order to eliminate the malfunction.
V. Abnormal temperature and clearance: When the locomotive is stopped midway, check the condition of each part of the locomotive. Such as: touch brake hub, axle housing, transmission shell and so on. If the temperature is too high, it means there is a fault. And pay attention to check whether the free travel of the clutch pedal, the free travel of the brake pedal, the free travel of the steering wheel, etc. meet the standard values. At the same time, pay attention to checking the sealing of each connecting part to see if there is leakage. Once leaks, leakages, oil leaks, or leaks are found, they should be promptly removed.
Sixth, the old and new contrast method: the long-term use of their own locomotives, in the gradual change process, the slow change of the mechanical performance of the locomotive does not feel obvious, especially the steering mechanism, brake mechanism, transmission mechanism, locomotive power The performance and acceleration performance are not obvious, so that the driver can try to open a new car of the same type, which is not difficult to find where the car is inadequate and where the fault is.
The operator should pay attention to the daily maintenance of the locomotive and find the problem from the abnormal situation in the above aspects as soon as possible, and solve the problem in time so as to reduce unnecessary economic losses and avoid traffic accidents.

Gasoline Milking Machine

Portable cow Milking Machine is important equipments for today's dairy industry, it is widely used in small, medium and large farms. Also personal use is more and more common. Milking machine consists of vacuum pump, milk pulsator, electric motor, milk bucket etc.  And the motor could be used electric motor, diesel motor and gasoline motor.Gasoline engine milking machine cow for sale is the necessary equipment for dairy farms. Compare with hand milking, milking machine can improve the milking efficiency. It can  solve the problem of unstable power supply in somewhere. 

Technical characteristics are as follows:

1.    Advanced dual vacuum milking system(optional equipment) imitation calf feeding low vacuum(42-45Kpa) cow nipple sucking massage to make cows in the best condition to complete the entire milking process; squeezed milk is specifically high vacuum(60Kpa) timely and quickly pumped into milk pipeline, effectively ensure the stability of the milking system pressure.

2.    Effective control of mastitis in cows before milking pulsation than technology meet physiological characteristics of pulsation than the technology front, the front breast area ratio of small pulsation ratio breast after large(generally breast area after area than in the previous 15% more milk); breast area while completing the four milking, milking effectively avoid the occurrence of air, reducing the incidence of mastitis.

3.    Prevent overcrowding and premature removal from the design collection cup milk tubes are used to seat all the transparent design, so it can be visually determine whether there is over-milking premature phenomenon and the phenomenon of de-cup;

4.    Unique automatic off cup system(optional equipment) set milk Block built vacuum shut-off valve, auto-off cup without vacuum residue will not produce cow nipples pulling force, but also off the cup action is very gentle,, collection of milk will not fall to the ground seat.

5.    Advanced air cleaning mixed feeding device that can impact the entire column to form the pipeline flow scrub the entire pipeline, effectively improve the quality of the milk.

6.    Hassle U-tube design U-shaped connecting pipe so that the whole milk collection device cleaning without leaving clean corners, to ensure the quality of milk.

7.    Pasture management software(optional configuration) automatically precision measuring devices, computers permanent data storage. Machine, cattle integration management through our hardware and software to be human, bovine, machine together organically, to achieve maximum efficency.

gasoline milking machine

Gasoline Milking Machine

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