Orchard autumn tube correction eight wrong


Due to a series of agricultural activities such as autumn harvest and autumn sowing, a considerable number of farmers have relaxed the comprehensive management of orchards and many problems have emerged. This not only affected the high quality and high yield of apples of the year, but also left fruit for the orchard production of the following year. Many hidden dangers.

First, the heavy winter cut light autumn tube There are many fruit farmers only pay attention to winter pruning, do not pay attention to the pruning of the growing season, especially the autumn pruning. Let the tree's leggy branches, upright branches, and development branches allow it to grow. As a result, “the branches are full of trees, the trees are not visible, the nutrition is wasted, and the fruit is not.” In this regard, the concept must be changed to strengthen the autumn tube. The first is to cut off and cut away the leggy branches, back upright branches, densely enclosed branches and all kinds of pests and branches that need to be cut during winter cutting. Ventilation and light transmission, fruiting branches to the sun; Second, pull branches to take the branch, slow promotion of flowers; Third, in late September on the one-meter-long non-stop long branch of light picking heart, control prosperous, save nutrition, full of sticks Buds, safe winter.

Second, disease prevention and pest control can not be good at the end of the anniversary of the apple pest control process, many farmers are "before the tight, loose, and later regardless of", in the middle and later randomly stop the number of drug fights, often resulting in late pain and insect pests outbreaks, prevention, and heavy losses. The author believes that, after not being lighter, the prevention and control work should be carried out throughout, and there should be no misunderstanding. The good or bad prevention and treatment work in this fall will play a decisive role in this year's high-quality and high-yield apples and the increase or decrease in the number of germs and insect populations next year.

Third, the early application of base fertilizer can not be implemented from late September to October is the third peak of apple tree root growth, but also the best period for the autumn base fertilizer, the beneficiaries deeply feel that "the four seasons fertilization material, autumn fat is the most important." Basal fertilizer at this time, root-cutting easy to heal, and strong absorption capacity, long time, is of great significance to improve the storage of nutrients in fruit trees. However, many fruit growers do not grab the time, grab the best fertilization period and push it until the second year of early spring. According to the actual production, the author suggests that any early or middle-aged apple orchard should apply basal fertilizer immediately after fruit picking; if the late-maturing apple orchard is transformed, the time should be set between late September and October. In the middle of the month, narrow and close-growing gardens can be postponed until fruit-picking and fertigation can be conducted as soon as possible. At the same time, it is also necessary to spray 2-3 times of 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution and 0.5-1% urea solution after harvesting fruit to defoliation.

Four, not the top branch hanging fruit too many fruit branches often due to rapid expansion of fruit to make it sagging, pressed to the ground or with the following branches overlap, artificially caused by local light deterioration, resulting in poor coloring of the fruit and hair, infection Pests and diseases. Therefore, starting from July, diligently inspect, depending on the extent of fruit sag, use wooden sticks or ropes to hang the branches so that the branches are evenly distributed, so that the phenomenon of wind-sweeping swings and cracking branches can be reduced. As far as possible to achieve "branches free, leaves see light, fruit coloring." It needs to be emphasized that it is not possible to choose apple tree branches as support in order to prevent the spread of germs.

Fifth, autumnal branches are not timely and fruit trees are not in place throughout the year, but the best in the fall. Because autumn leaves are not stripped, easy to set. However, there are few orchards in the autumn. The individually pulled gardens are not in place. They just pull down and pull, and Larry does not pull outside. Improvement measures: From the beginning of September, no branches will be opened to the base corner, and the branches of the current year with a length of more than 1 meter and some of the main branches will not be opened. The size of the branch opening angle should be different for varieties, rootstocks, trees, branches, etc., and be careful when operating: do not overturn, do not enter the ground, do not bend the bow, and straighten the straight line before and after.

Sixth, in addition to the bag is not standardized in the removal of the bag, the author saw that a part of the fruit farmers are afraid of trouble, plans save trouble, once removed bags. In bad weather, good bagging fruit is not green, poor coloring, is the formation of sunburn, and become "defective." The correct method is: choose to start at 8 o'clock on cloudy days and end at around 5 o'clock in the evening. The clear bag removal time is 8-11:30 am and 3-7 o'clock in the afternoon. During operation, tear off the outer paper bag and remove the inner bag after 3 sunny days. Pay attention to weather changes, and avoid bagging in hot sun and rainy days so as not to affect the quality of fruit.

Seven, picking leaves and turning fruit is one of the few Picking leaves and turning fruit is a practical technique for increasing Apple's commodity rate and fine fruit, but this technology has not attracted attention in most fruit growers in fruit areas. It is always troublesome to do so, so that many good apples are shaded by only one petiole, one twig, or less half of the leaves, resulting in incomplete coloration of the fruit surface. Specific measures: 15-20 days before fruit ripening (bagging fruit after bag removal), remove the upper shading leaves and fruit leaves of the fruit, and pay attention to the preservation of the petiole; when the positive side of the fruit reaches the shade that the species should have, use Hold the fruit gently on the palm and turn the sun's surface toward the dark side to color it completely. It should be noted that: 1. Picking leaves should be selected cloudy or cloudy weather operation; avoid hot noon in the hot sun. 2. The degree of leaf picking should be controlled properly, otherwise it will affect photosynthetic efficiency and nutrition accumulation.

VIII. After picking the fruit, no matter what the orchard is after the fruit is picked, it will be trimmed and sprayed. Some farmers think that this is an extra one. It neither sprays or protects the leaves, nor does it inspect the trees for treatment. It should be said that this is wrong. We must do four things well: 1. Spraying, spraying fertilizers, exterminating pests and diseases, and supplementing nutrition; 2. Destroying weeds, clearing the fields, and reducing the number of pests and diseases; 3. Deforestation, adjusting sunlight, and strengthening the body; 4 , check rotting, coating, rehabilitation tree.

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