Problems with driving at night


One, night driving should pay attention to the complete and effective lighting device. Night driving lights must be complete and effective. Lights can not be out of the car, lights can not be out of the car. Due to the low power of the original four-wheel tractor's light equipment, the night driving lights are too dark. When the vehicle is in the car, the strong lights of the cars and other vehicles make the driver blind to see the road conditions and are extremely prone to danger. Therefore, the tractor driving at night Need to replace the generator and headlights to ensure the safety of the car.

Second, pay attention to observe the road conditions at night. At night, the sight line is weak and the visual field is narrow. It is difficult to clearly distinguish when it encounters complicated road conditions. It is prone to accidents and accidents. Therefore, drivers must pay attention when they are driving and need to be highly concentrated. Be careful not to be paralyzed.

Third, try to go hand in hand while traveling at night so that they can take care of each other. The risk of driving at night is relatively large. If accidents and accidents occur, it is difficult for a person to cope with. If he or she encounters peers, he or she can take care of each other and can handle the accidents.

Fourth, night driving should pay attention to sleep and rest, do not fatigue driving. Drivers who are driving at night tend to suffer from physical fatigue and eyesight. For this reason, drivers must pay attention to rest and maintain strong energy and a good mental state to prevent accidents caused by falling asleep during driving.

Fifth, driving at night should prevent impatience. Drivers at night often worry about their families and are busy hurrying their way. They are in a hurry to speed up the vehicle and increase the accident rate. Therefore, driving at night should maintain a healthy attitude, avoid impatience, and ensure smooth driving and ensure safety.

Sixthly, driving at night should appropriately reduce the speed and increase the distance with the car. Because some tractors do not have lights in front and rear, increasing the risk of driving at night, so the driver should wipe the lights clean to keep the lights bright and clear, improve visibility of themselves and other traffic participants around, and keep the speed low, increase Follow the distance to avoid accidents.

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