Raise a good Rex rabbit cub to three levels


Good weaning

The young rabbits started eating for 16 days and fed a small amount of easily digestible young grasses and leaves. 22 days began to feed the full price of feed, to do less feeding. When the young rabbits were 28-42 days old and weighed 750 grams, they were weaned. The intermittent weaning method is used to feed the baby once a day and no longer breastfeed after the second feeding. After weaning, the animals were reared according to their weight and sex. Take precautions against heat and cold and keep the rabbit house dry and clean. At the same time, immunization vaccines were injected after weaning, and anticoccidial drugs were administered to prevent coccidia.

Feed good feed

Freshly weaned young rabbits should be fed with micro-ecological live bacteria after weaning to help them form a normal microflora as soon as possible. Just weaned young rabbits should feed full-priced compound feeds that are small, easily digestible, and have high energy and protein content. Can not suddenly change the type of feed and increase the amount of feeding, should be done less to add Tim, taboo once fed too much, causing indigestion and cause diarrhea.

Strictly prevent disease

E. coli vaccine was injected on young rabbits 20-28 days later. After about 5 days (depending on the weather and the condition of the rabbits), Vibrio spp., Clostridium perfringens, Pap and P. bifidum seedlings were injected respectively. Injecting a rabbit lice vaccine around day. Coccidium is also one of the major diseases of young rabbits. It should be generally fed with anticoccidial drugs. Some onions and garlic can be added to the feed. 0.3 g of oxytetracycline and sulfa drugs can also be added to the feed.

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