The effect of seaweed fertilizer in greenhouse protection is best!


The long-term abuse of chemical fertilizers leads to soil compaction, barrenness and even pollution, resulting in a decline in crop protection and loss of water and fertilizer. Only 30-40% of the fertilizer applied to the soil is absorbed by the crop, which means that you are happy to buy 100 yuan of fertilizer, and about 70 yuan of it is thrown away! The disproportionate composition of some inferior fertilizers directly results in crops that are long, diseased, or have poor fruit quality, that is, are undesired and laborious. High-quality seaweed bio-fertilizers, such as Golden Baby Algae Microbial Fertilizer, are the nemesis of these fertilizer problems. Jinbao Seaweed Microorganism Fertilizer Fertilizer is imported from Australia, adopts the latest international microbiological engineering technology and technological methods, and is the latest generation of natural, high-efficiency and high-concentration broad-spectrum liquid that is separated and purified from marine organisms and developed by Seiko. Microbial fertilizer, the functional bacteria Chlorella has high-efficiency microbial nitrogen fixation, phosphate, potassium and soil activation capabilities, nutrient composition, and non-toxic harmless (even mouth to drink), no pollution. Can be widely used in food, vegetables, fruit trees, forage, herbs, seedlings, flowers and other crops.
Chong Shi: The goldfish algae microbial fertilizer diluted 1:200 with water and diluted with water, the amount of 0.5 liters / mu.
Spraying: Top dressing by foliar spraying during crop growth. After spraying, it should prevent sun exposure and sterilizer contamination.
Mixed application: The golden babe seaweed microbial fertilizer can be mixed with other fertilizers (organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer), which can significantly increase the utilization of other fertilizers, save time and labor, and save costs.

        Brix 36% Chineses Goji Berry Juice Concentrate is more condensed than brix 25% Goji Berry Juice concentrate, and also the best selling product in Qixiang company. Most of our customers told us that our Goji Juice Concentrate is so attractive in their local market. More and more people are paying attention to their health, so our goji berry juice is the best choice if you always need to drink, stay up late, work overtime.  Drink one bottle makes you energetic.

        Given the uniqueness of Goji Juice, the production of Goji juice concentrate still has to take into account two problems, one is the maximal concentration, the greater the concentration is, the smallest the product is and the more convenient it will be for storage and long-distance transportation. The other is the existence of abundant pulp and pectin, which easily make the concentrate something like a half-solid paste and bring inconvenience to storage and filling. As a result, in practice, it is very important to determine the maximal concentration.After numerous tests, we have found that 2.8:1or 3:1 would be very suitable. Therefore, based on requirements of clients, the range of concentration was finally fixed at 35%~45%.

        Goji berry juice concentrate (brix 36%)


1) Color: Red or deep red. 
2) Taste & Odor: Fresh Goji Berry juice concentrate taste and smell, no peculiar smell. 
3) Histomorphology: Turbid liquid with pulp, allowing the pulp precipitation phenomenon after completely standing. 
4) Impurity: No visible foreign impurities 

Physics & Chemical Specification

1) Brix(%): ≥36.0 
2) Total Acid(g/100mLas Citric Acid):  â‰¥0.8 
3) pH: 3.5-4.5 

Microorganism  Specification
1) TPC (CFU/mL): ≤100 
2) Yeast (CFU/mL): ≤100 
3) Mould (CFU/mL): ≤10  
4) Coliform (CFU/mL): ≤10 



Country of Origin



1) Inner package is 200kgs aseptic bag, outer package is opening steel drum.
2) Inner package is 25kgs aseptic bag, outer package is opening steel drum.


Should be stored at room temperature in clean, cool, dry warehouse, prevent sun, rain, and not be stored with corrosive, toxic, and smelly item. With these conditions, product shelf life is 18 months. (suggestion: 5-8℃).  

Goji Juice Concentrate (Brix 36%)

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