Fertility bed pig technology is fun?


At present, the pig-raising technology in the fermentation bed has been praised by many farmers. The pigs in the fermentation bed have the following functions: deodorization, environmental protection, energy saving, grain saving, water saving, labor resistance, disease resistance, longevity, and quality improvement. CCTV and provincial and municipal TV stations have repeatedly advertised and reported that the government has also strongly supported it. Therefore, pig-breeding technology in the fermentation bed has been deeply rooted in people's hearts and users are located throughout the country. Well, if the pig-breeding technology in the fermentation bed is easy to learn, will it be very troublesome? According to the farmers who applied the fermentation bed, the technology of pig breeding in the fermentation bed is very good, and especially the technology of pig breeding by the golden bacon dry-sweeping bed is simpler and more convenient.
The fermentation bed pens should have the functions of cold day heat preservation, hot day cooling, moderate ventilation and lighting. The fermentation bed house should be built on a high-drying terrain with a leeward sunny place. The surrounding drainage ditch should be deep and smooth, and the groundwater should not be too shallow. The quarters generally face south and take east-west directions. The pens must have doors, windows, skylights, and windows to ensure that the pens are well ventilated and air-permeable. The roof should be ridged, and flat roofs should not be used. The height of the eaves should be 2.5 meters in the north, 3.0 meters in the Central Plains and Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, and 3.5 to 4.0 meters in the hot and humid areas in the south. The ridges are generally 1.5 meters higher than the eaves. After the sheds are built, it is simpler to set up the fermentation beds. The method for laying out the beds is not the same for different manufacturers. I will introduce the production method using the easy-to-learn jinbao dry-spreading fermentation bed as an example.
1, diluted strains. Jinbao Dry Sausage Fermentation Bed strains 10 to 15 square meters per kilogram of pig bed, according to 1:5 ratio and rice bran, corn flour or bran diluted without mixing water, the purpose is to increase the amount of spatter, evenly litter.
2, litter preparation. The pig bed with an area of ​​20 square meters needs 10 sawdust, and the chicken, duck, and goose bed need about 8 sawdust. Sawdust must be non-toxic, harmless, miscellaneous, dried and then used. Disable fresh sawdust that is particularly moist or excessively moist.
3, broadcast bacteria species. You can use the method of depositing seeds by using bedding, that is, laying a layer of 10 cm of bedding, spraying a layer of bacteria, spreading five layers of padding, spreading five layers of bacteria, or adding bacteria and litter. Mixing and then bed, you can use the machine to reduce labor intensity, remember that there is no need to add water. The top layer of bacteria spread slightly more.
4, paving foot padding. The pig bed requires a sawdust thickness of 50 cm. Sawdust is not easy to obtain but can be partially replaced with rice husks, peanut shells, and straw. Sawdust is still used on the surface for 20 to 30 cm.
5, put the pig into bed. You can put the pig into the bed, do not wait for the fermentation to be good, and then put it in. The surface is dry. You can sprinkle a little water first. It is advisable that pigs can't run dust.
6, quick start. In winter or high cold areas need to keep warm, fresh urine can be buried 20 to 30 cm, covered with sawdust and then flattened. After several such operations, you can quickly start. It is not necessary to start fast in the summer or when it is not necessary to keep warm.
Years of practice have proven that a well-maintained ginba dry fermentation bed can be used continuously for 3 to 5 years or longer. Details can be consulted: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Tel 13269217468 Free hotline URL:

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