Water Management of Flammulina velutipes during fruiting period


One guarantee. When the mycelium is sent to the bottom of the bag, the bag is opened immediately and the old fungus is removed, and the newspaper or plastic film is covered to moisturize the buds. Covered with newspapers, the water spray should be 3-4 times a small number of times a day) to keep the newspapers wet; the cover film can spray water to the ground and space to keep the air humidity around 90%. During this period, the window was ventilated once a day, and the room temperature was controlled at 10-14°C. After 5-7 days, the mushroom buds occurred in large numbers.

The second drop. When the mushroom bud grows to 1-2 cm, it enters the growth inhibition period. At this point to reduce or stop the water spray, reduce humidity. Open doors and windows at night for 3-5 consecutive days to allow cold air to cool down and get wet, lower the room temperature to below 8°C (preferably 4-5°C), and reduce the humidity to about 75% so that the fruiting bodies will be restrained and grow neatly and stoutly.

Three promotion. The fruiting body grows to 3-4 cm. After entering the extension period, spray water 4-5 times a day. The amount of water spray increases with the growth of the mushroom, and the air humidity is controlled to be about 90% (that is, appropriate water beads attached to the wall of the fruit body base), and the rapid growth of the fruit body is promoted. At the same time, appropriate ventilation, alternating wet and dry to inhibit the increase in mushroom cap and mushroom elongation. The amount of water sprayed at this stage should be determined according to the weather. Spray more on sunny days and spray less on rainy days to prevent root rot, brown spot, and excessive water in the mushrooms to reduce the quality due to excessive water use. Do not spray water on the mushroom lid, found that newspapers should be replaced in a timely manner. Newspapers should immediately drain water to prevent mushroom body contact with water droplets to produce black spots, affecting the appearance of goods.

Four supplements. After the mushroom bag was harvested in the first tidal mushroom, the water content decreased by 20-30%, and the tidal mushroom fell by 30-50% after harvest. Therefore, after the first and second tidal mushrooms are harvested, they should be immediately sprayed with water to the bacteria bags behind the mushroom. The practice is: continuous 2-3 days, 2-3 times a day directly into the water within the bag, each time the surface of the mushroom column is appropriate, do not make the bag water. In order to increase the yield, a small amount of urea, sugar, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, etc. may be added to the water to supplement the nutrients.

Five dip. After harvesting three tidal mushrooms, the water content of the mushroom column has dropped below 50%. At this time, the plastic bag can be removed and the mushroom column can be soaked in the pool water. When the weight of the mushroom column is restored to the original weight when the bag is opened, it is picked up. Slightly dry in the bag. Can also be directly into the bag water immersion, until the bacteria suck enough water to clean the bag of excess water. Make up the water and then re-discharge the bag on the bed frame, cover the wet newspaper as usual, so you can also pick two tidal mushrooms.

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