How to improve soil fertility


How to improve soil fertility is a common concern of farmers' friends. We can make rational use of land to improve soil fertility by changing the farming methods and land use methods.

First, increase organic fertilizer

Through the application of manure, livestock manure, urine fertilizer and compost, manure, green manure and other high-organic fertilizers to increase and maintain the content of soil organic fertilizer, where conditions can be a lot of fertilization (river mud, grass carbon, etc.), to improve the soil Organic matter content has a significant effect.

Second, straw returned

Straw returning is an effective measure to improve the soil and increase soil productivity. First, the straw is applied to the soil after being piled; the other is that after the crop is harvested, the straw is chopped and sprinkled on the surface and then turned over with a plow to return the field directly. This can improve the physical properties of the soil and promote the formation of soil aggregates. , Increase air permeability, water permeability, and fertilizer retention to increase soil fertility.

Third, a reasonable rotation

Reasonable crop rotation is the way to cultivate land by land use, and pay attention to two points in the crop rotation: First, appropriately increase the planting area of ​​legume crops. Breeding leguminous crops in the rotation process for four years or so can increase the nitrogen content in the soil, while beans After the green manure crop is turned into soil, a large number of roots, stems, and leaves can increase soil organic matter, improve soil physical and chemical properties, and increase soil fertility; second, it is necessary to control the number of years for planting land-consuming crops. Once in four rounds, the pulses and melons do not pluck or pluck. It takes more than five years for the crop to be rotated, which is beneficial to restoring the soil and preventing diseases.

Fourth, plant grass fertilizer field

We should vigorously promote the cultivation of forage legumes to cultivate fertility and increase economic output. At present, the grasses that can be grown include grass rhinoceros, alfalfa and so on, in order to improve the soil, fertility, and improve soil productivity.

V. Properly Adjust the Proportion of Farming, Forestry and Animal Husbandry

The restoration of forestry is a beneficial measure to balance the ecology, improve the climate conditions and change the vicious cycle into a virtuous cycle. Reasonable animal husbandry development can provide a large amount of organic matter for the soil, and it is a direct measure to fertilize the soil and improve the yield of crops.

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