Current emphasis should be placed on grape management methods


First, correct secondary tip processing, fruit thinning, bagging, etc.

1, Auxiliary tip processing. Generally, the shoots were topped in the top 5-8 leaves of the flower head, and the secondary secondary tip was left around 3 leaves for secondary treatment. The middle and lower apices were treated differently depending on the species. Red earth, beauty refers to other varieties left 2-3 leaves after treatment, Victoria ruby ​​seedless and other varieties leave 1 leaf after treatment.

2, determined to thin fruit. At present, the general fruit thinning in the vineyards is not in place, which will lead to large grains and small spikes, low commercial quality, and even cause a large number of wilting and delay of ripening due to excessive load on the plants. The number of fruit spikes generally maintained at about 90-120 grains is appropriate, which will help increase the commercial value of grape fresh fruit.

3, bagging. Time: Generally choose cloudy or sunny before 10 o'clock in the afternoon after 4 o'clock to avoid the high temperature at noon. After the rain, the weather cannot be bagged on the same day. It should be performed on the second day to reduce the incidence of sunburn and gas burning. Method: fully open the bag mouth, and open the bottom corner of the bag completely, and then gently put on the sleeve, the ear in the center of the paper bag, the fruit bag mouth wire fixed on the handle, pay attention not to sprain the ear.

Second, pest control

1, before bagging: generally use 2 drugs. 150% Bao Fu Fu Mei double 1500 times +40% gray clear 800 times. 250% Baoxie 3000 times +97% imazalil 4000 times + insecticide (after this medication, the bagging can be done after the drug is dry).

2, after bagging: generally use 2 drugs. 150% thiram with 700 times + 0.15% potassium dihydrogen phosphate. 280% must be 600 times + insecticide.

Third, pay attention to matters

At high temperatures at noon, irrigation work cannot be performed, otherwise sunburn and gas scald can easily occur. All varieties can not be watered 15 days before fruit ripening, so as not to affect fruit coloring and fruit quality.

Air Sterilizer

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