How to increase the fertilization rate of pheasants


U.S. colorful pheasants eggs are naturally fertilized at a low rate and the hatching rate is generally not high. Therefore, starting from the management and improving the fertilization rate of the egg is an important way to ensure economic benefits. Here are some of the major measures used to increase the fertility rate of breeders in production.

1. A timely gregarious pheasant is a seasonal egg-laying bird. Male and female estrus is also affected by the season. During sexual activity, male and female hens must be gregarious at the right time. Adult male and female chickens should be grouped in early April, and young male and female chickens that have just matured should be in late April. Because hens are late in sexual activity than cocks and gregariously prematurely, gilts of estrus in male pheasants repeatedly shed hens that have not yet been estrus. This can cause hens to fear. Even if they are estrus, they do not want to mate, thus affecting the fertilization rate of eggs. .

2. Properly proportioned male and female breeding practices have proved that when the ratio of male to female is 1:3, the fertilization rate of eggs is 77.7%; when the male to female ratio is 1:5-6, the fertilization rate of the eggs reaches 88.7%, if the proportion of hens is further expanded, the fertilization rate of eggs will be reduced.

3. Preventing direct sunlight Whether in cage or flat raising, during the period from June to July, the weather is hot. If direct sunlight is added, the sexual activity of the cock will be affected, the number of copulations will be reduced, and the fertilization rate of the egg will be significantly reduced. In order to reduce and avoid direct sunlight, we must try to establish a shelter.

4. Protection of "Prince Chicken" The rooster who won the battle for the controversy is called "Prince Chicken". It was found that the "Prince Chicken" should not be easily taken away. When there is a fight, it must be helped to defeat the other side and establish its prestige so as to control the fighting between the other cocks in the cage, reduce the number of casualties and facilitate mating. At the same time, some obstructions should be set up in the cage to block the sight of the "Prince Chicken", which is conducive to frequent mating of other cocks and hens.

5. Elimination and conversion The timely replacement of roosters that do not mate and have no reproductive ability and older hens will be eliminated, and a conversion system will be implemented for the roosters. In early June of each year, the reserve cock is put into the hen group, and the cock with poor sexual activity, frailty or injury is promptly replaced.

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