How to identify whether the crawfish is washed with shrimp powder


Recently, several major mainstream media in Shanghai have reported the “washing of shrimp powder” incident. We learned from the report that the powdered shrimp powder not only belongs to three non-products, but also is extremely harmful to human crayfish after its consumption by the human body. . In response to severe crackdowns and seizures by relevant departments, whether such illegal products are still on the market, and popular food reporters have come to Shanghai's largest aquatic product wholesale market, Tongchuan Road to find out for everyone.

The hawker told the reporter that the shrimp powder with strong decontamination ability can clean the wild lobster in the river ditch in a few minutes and make the lobster only bright and bright. Indeed, it is now on the market. We really have a hard time seeing dirty crawfish.


For the health of diners, it is very important to teach everyone how to distinguish whether crawfish is bathed in shrimp powder.

With the support of an old senior seller selling shrimp and surnames, we did an experiment and the reporter deliberately prepared two pounds of fresh crayfish. The crayfish were placed in two barrels for cleaning. The lobsters in the washing shrimp buckets reacted very strongly and began to spit bubbles continuously. The water in the buckets was turbid quickly. The boss reminded the reporter if the crayfish washed with shrimp powder could not be tasted by the mouth, only through careful observation.

Because shrimp powder is a strong base and has a strong pungent taste, it is difficult to smell after cooking, but the crayfish pliers that are eroded are very easy to fall off, so if the crawfish pliers on the table are common Less likely, the possibility of using shrimp powder is greater. In addition, the color of crayfish that has been corroded is very bright, and diners should pay attention to this point.

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