Nine Preventions of Agricultural Machinery Used in Summer


First, the engine temperature is too high. Summer temperatures are high and affect the power of the engine. If the engine is “opened” during use, most of the time it is water shortage in the tank, but at this time, do not add cooling water immediately, otherwise it will cause the cylinder head or cylinder burst. The right approach: stop running, run at a low speed, wait until the water temperature drops to about 70 degrees, and then slowly add clean cooling water. Overload operation not only raises the water temperature quickly, but also easily damages the parts. Therefore, under normal circumstances the load should be controlled at about 90%, leaving 10% as a load reserve in order to cope with the short-term overload caused by uphill or arable land resistance changes.

Second, anti-use of fuel is not the right way. The viscosity of the lubricant varies with the temperature, and the viscosity decreases when the temperature rises. Therefore, diesel engine oil with higher viscosity should be used in summer. In addition, the use of a freeze-point diesel oil that is compatible with the environment of use should be used, so that the price is low and the cost can be reduced.

Third, anti-tire air pressure is high. In the hot season, there is a large temperature difference between day and night. As the temperature rises, the volume of thermal expansion of the air increases, and the pressure of the tire increases. This can easily lead to tire blasting and cause unnecessary economic losses. Therefore, inflating the tires in summer should be 5%-7% lower than in winter, and the air pressure must not be higher than the standard tire pressure.

Fourth, anti-engine scale is too thick. If the engine water jacket is too thick, the heat dissipation efficiency will be reduced by 30% to 40%, which will easily cause the engine to overheat. As a result, the engine will be deteriorated, the power will be reduced, and the fuel injector will jam. This will result in serious accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly remove scale and maintain good cooling performance.

Fifth, the fan-proof belt tightness loose. Under high temperature operation, the tension of the fan belt is reduced, causing the belt to slip, the transmission loss increasing, and the belt being easily damaged. Therefore, in the summer, the engine fan belt tension adjustment is slightly higher than the standard value.

Six, oil brake pipe air resistance. Some transport tractors use hydraulic brakes. In high temperature summer, the oil brake brake pipeline is prone to air resistance, which seriously affects the braking effect. Therefore, in use, one must ensure that the brake oil is full, and secondly, prevent the pipeline from leaking. Thirdly, when air resistance occurs, it must be timely. Drain the air.

Seven, anti-fuel system air resistance. The higher the temperature, the faster the fuel (especially gasoline) will evaporate, and the easier it will be to create a gas barrier in the oil circuit. Diesel engines may also cause air resistance due to leaks in the oil line. Therefore, the oil path should be made smooth and eliminate oil leakage. Once air resistance occurs in the oil circuit, immediately stop the cooling, and pull the hand pump to remove the fuel filter and the air in the oil circuit from the exhaust hole so that the oil path is full of fuel.

VIII, anti-oxidation circuit failure. In summer, the temperature is high and the humidity is high. The battery generates hydrogen gas and water vapor during operation. If the vent hole is blocked, the internal pressure of the battery will rise and cause burst. Therefore, it must be dredged regularly. In the air with high temperature and humidity, the battery poles are easily oxidized, resulting in poor contact, lack of power in the entire vehicle, difficulty in starting, and failure of the electrical system. Need to remove the terminal from the pole pile, use abrasive cloth or saw blade to polish the oxide layer, eliminate the clean and securely install. To prevent re-oxidation of the pole stakes, grease or Vaseline may be applied after installation to ensure air separation.

Nine, prevent the battery in use from lack of water. When the air temperature is high, the moisture in the battery electrolyte evaporates quickly, the liquid level drops quickly, and even the polar plate exposes the liquid surface, resulting in the battery plate being vulcanized and damaged. Therefore, in the summer, the electrolyte should be checked frequently. The height above the plate is generally 10-15 mm. After adding distilled water several times, the density of the electrolyte must be checked regularly to keep the battery in good working condition.

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