Common Diseases and Control of Gladiolus Bulbs


The diseases of common gladiolus bulbs are:

1 Bulb rot disease. After the bulb is infected, there will be spots with yellowish-brown subsidence, and the edges are ulcerated. The disease can also invade the leaf base and leaf sheath. Control methods: to avoid continuous cropping and stagnant water; find the diseased ball to immediately discard and burn; before planting mid-autumn use potassium permanganate 2% solution soak 1 hour, remove the shade after planting.

2 Penicillium rot disease. This is a disease that occurs when bulbs are stored under unfavorable conditions. After the onset of disease, brown pits began to appear, followed by enlargement of the green mold layer, and severe bulb atrophy. Control methods: Minimize damage during bulb digging, storage, packaging and transportation, and remove mold and rottenness in time; use pesticides before planting.

3 rot. Infected by the bulb, the disease began to appear black brown subsidence, water spots spots, followed by a transparent or brown lumps on the lesions, grayish white protrusions of the lesions; the disease can also harm the leaf sheath. Different Gladiolus species, the color of their lesions are different. Control methods: If cultivation is to be carried out in open field, potted plants should be used for disinfection. The bulbs should be ventilated during storage and the temperature and humidity should not be too high. The diseased balls should be disposed of in time.

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