"Shinxianggui" seedlings farm


It is a high-grade treasure that has been developed and produced in the early 1980s. It is widely used for aromatherapy, landscaping, greening, and economic purposes.
Regardless of whether it is a two-leaf seedling or a big tree, they all bloom year-round. The flowering period lasts more than 260 days. Flowers can be seen all year round in the nursery.
In winter, the silvery white is first opened, and the red and yellow bud flowers are opened. This guild shoots new shoots six times a year and grows up to eighty centimeters per year.
Each time the new shoots are extracted, flower buds are formed between the top and the leaves, and the main stems also have cluster flower buds that are continuously opened. The new shoots are gradually turned green after the dark red months.
Flowers and branches are all spectacular in color.
The most intense flowering aroma is between thirty degrees Celsius and fifteen degrees Celsius. The fifteenth Celsius degree is the most prosperous with the temperature dropping, but the aroma weakens.
Temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius stopped flowering and entered high growth, with few pests and diseases.
China's major traditional festivals such as Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, New Year's Day, Spring Festival, May Day, etc. are all spent in cinnamon. The most prominent feature of this osmanthus is continuous flowering in the fall, winter and spring seasons for seven months.
Rixianggui is a rare species of landscaping, landscaping, aromatherapy, flowering, and evergreen. It can be planted or potted. It has food processing, spices, pharmaceutical health care, environmental improvement, and appreciation of cinnamon. Seven materials such as craft materials. Osmanthus production is several dozen times that of other varieties.

Moxibustion is one of the oldest medical techniques in China. It uses the moxa produced by the wormwood of the king of herbs to burn on the body surface or the affected acupuncture points, warm-ironing, and infiltration of the pure yang-heating medicinal gas by moxibustion. Force to warm the body's stimulation. Through the conduction of meridians and acupoints to regulate the yin and yang balance of the viscera, it is a therapy for the purpose of warming the meridians, relieving the phlegm, spreading the cold, rejuvenating the cultivating evil, preventing disease, and longevity.


The electric Moxibustion Bed lights the moxa sticks on the tray as needed. The placement of the moxa sticks is rationally distributed according to the height of the person. The person lays on the moxibustion bed. When the swing function is turned on, the moxa sticks back and forth behind the person. Moxibustion, according to the person's ability to accept, press the button of the controller, can adjust the ascending and descending of Ai Huo, and adjust the height, so that the Ai Huo is always in an optimal position, which is beneficial to the human body. You can easily lie on a moxibustion bed and you will inevitably accept this rhythm and smooth, comfortable moxibustion treatment. This multifunctional electric moxibustion bed can be used as a massage bed according to your individual needs. Push the covers on both sides toward the middle to close it. This way you can use it as a massage bed. You can enjoy it comfortably by lying in bed. massage.


Function and Feature:

1. Automatic split lifting temperature adjustment system

2. Automatic smoke exhaust system

3 automatic swing suspension moxibustion system

4 automatic ignition system (a total of 12 automatic ignition devices, can be lit 12-24 Ai Zhuyi, easy to use personal flexibility)

5. High-quality metal structure steel bed frame, durable and beautiful

6. Environmental protection PU leather bed, the bed bottom with high quality fireproof fabric, in line with national fire safety standards

7. Electric lift system + rocking mechanism + exhaust system + control system

electric moxibustion bed

Moxibustion Bed

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